Religious Belief System Scale

Religious Belief System Scale
Dangi & Nagle‚ 2016
1.    God is present everywhere and wants us to worship.
2.    Praying to god before exams helps one to perform well.
3.    Faith in God hasn’t changed my life
4.    My religious beliefs are pretty much same today as they were five years ago.
5.    When something bad happens‚ I always blame on God
6.    It is important to be a good person and practice a religion by heart.
7.    I believe in many religions
8.    I do not believe there is any way to find out god
9.    I do not believe in existence of god.
10.Faith in god makes an individual more meaningful in life.
11.I don’t believe in miracles
12.Deep faith in god helps us to overcome all the crises in life
13.Without god my life would be meaningless
14.I believe that prayer is like one to one communication with god
15.Students who have faith in god are well mannered and courteous
16.Presence of God in my life is not very important
17.I think it is best if people don’t believe in any religion
18.Religion is more of a burden than a support while coping up with difficulties
19.All religions are equally good and no religion is superior to one other
20.Every person has freedom to choose the religion of his/her choice.
21.I don’t believe in any religion‚ there are much more important things in my life.
22.I considered myself superior to those who do not believe in god
23.I do not practice religion but view myself spiritual.
24.I don’t like following many rituals of my own religion
25.I respect all the religions but don’t want to convert myself to other religions
26.I think my religion is better than others
27.My religion is best and must be followed by all human beings
28.I consider myself a religious person rather than a spiritual one
29.Religious practices never help me in resolving my problems.
30.I stand up for my religious beliefs when they are questioned by others
31.Being spiritual is better than being religious
32.I have my own way of connecting to god‚ I do not believe in going to religious places like Temple‚ church etc.
33.My attitude towards religious people is negative
34.Because of my religious beliefs I forgive myself for things I have done wrong.
35.Because of my religious or spiritual beliefs I forgive those who had hurt me.
36.I never follow and obey God’s will.
37.I often practice my spiritual beliefs by reading books on faith
38.I don’t like to visit various kinds of religious places
39.I never practice my spiritual values through connecting with god.
40.I volunteer to help others based on my religious values
41.I hate to perform my duties as per my religious faith.
42.God punishes those who commits suicide and send them to hell.
43.Everyone should obey all the rituals of their religion.
44.I feel God punishes me for my sins.
45.I never confess my sins to god
46.I always take care of personal hygiene before praying to god
47.In my opinion‚ person ha‎ving more than one spouse at a time is a not sin
48.If someone threatens me or tries to harm me without any reason I speak out and hurt them.
Belief‚ Attitude and Values
SD= Strongly Disagree‚ D= Disagree‚ N =Neutral (Neither agree nor disagree)‚ A= Agree‚ SA= strongly agree
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Dangi‚ Shivani.‚ Nagle‚ Y. K. (2016). Development and Validation of Religious Belief System Scale. The International Journal of Indian Psychology‚ 3(3): 92-107