Inventory of Religious Belief

Brown and Lowe‚ 1951
1.    It makes no difference whether one is a Christian or not as long as one has good will for others.*
2.    I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
3.    God cr‎eated man separate and distinct from animals.
4.    The idea of God is unnecessary in our enlightened age.*
5.    There is no life after death.*
6.    I believe Jesus was born of a Virgin.
7.    God exists as: Father‚ Son and Holy Spirit.
8.    The Bible is full of errors‚ misconceptions and contradictions.*
9.    The Gospel of Christ is the only way for mankind to be saved.
10.I think there have been many men in history just as great as Jesus.*
11.I believe there is a heaven and a hell.
12.Eternal life is the gift of God only to those who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
13.I think a person can be happy and enjoy life without believing in God.*
14.In many ways the Bible has held back and retarded human progress.*
15.I believe in the personal‚ visible return of Christ to the earth.
* Reverse scored
Strongly agree‚ Agree‚ Not sure‚ Disagree‚ Strongly disagree
This instrument can be found at: Measures of social psychological attitudes

Brown‚ D. and Lowe‚ W. (1953). Religious Beliefs and Personality ch‎aracteristics of College Students. The Journal of Social Psychology 53(1):103-129

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