Religious Attitude Scale

Religious Attitude Scale
Poppleton and Pilkington 1963
1.    To lead a good life it is necessary to have some religious belief. (3.15)
2.    Jesus Christ was an important and interesting historical figure‚ but in no way divine. (9.84)
3.    I genuinely do not know whether or not God exists. (5.59)
4.    People without religious beliefs can lead just as moral and useful lives as people with religious beliefs. (6.90)
5.    Religious faith is merely another name for belief which is contrary to reason. (10.05)
6.    The existence of disease‚ famine and strife in the world makes one doubt some religious doctrines. (7.43)
7.    The miracles recorded in the Bible really happened.
8.    It makes no difference to me whether religious belief s are true or false. (6.20)
9.    Christ atoned for our sins by His sacrifice on the cross. (0.62)
10.The truth of the Bible diminishes with the advance of science. (9.00)
11.Without belief in God life is meaningless. (0.73)
12.The more scientific discoveries are made the more the glory of God is revealed. (1.47)
13.Religious education is essential to preserve the morals of our society. (2.64)
14.The proof that Christ was the Son of God lies in there cord of the Gospels. (1.53)
15.The best explanation of miracles is as an exaggeration of ordinary events in to myths and legends. (8.71)
16.International peace depends on the world wide adoption of religion. (2.06)
17.I f you lead a good and decent life it is not necessary to go to church. (7.33)
18.Parents have a duty to teach elementary Christian truths to their children. (2.70)
19.There is no survival of any kind after death. (10.37)
20.The psychiatrist rather than the theologian can best explain the phenomena of religious experience. (8.88)
21.On the whole‚ religious belief s make for better and happier living. (3.32)
The numbers in parentheses after each statement refer to the Thurstone scale values of the items. Values range from 0-11.
Strongly agree‚ Agree‚ Uncertain‚ Disagree‚ Strongly disagree
This instrument can be found at: Measures of social psychological attitudes

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