Certainty in Religious Belief Scale

Thouless‚ 1935
1.    There is a personal God.
2.    Jesus Christ was God the Son.
3.    There are spiritual realities of some kind.
4.    The world was cr‎eated by God.
5.    There is a personal Devil.
6.    Matter is the sole reality.
7.    There is a God who is all-powerful.
8.    There is a God who is altogether good.
9.    There are such spiritual beings as angels.
10.Jonah was swallowed by a great fish and after wards emerged a live.
11.Man has been evolved from lower forms of life.
12.There is an impersonal God.
13.Evil is a reality.
14.The spirits of human beings continue to exist after the death of their bodies.
15.Religion is the opium of the people.
16.There is no God (personal or impersonal).
17.The universe is expanding.
18.Attendance at church is a better way of spending Sunday than taking a walk in the country.
19.Moses was the author of the first five books of the Bible.
20.Christianity is a better Religion than Buddhism.
21.The Bible is literally true in all its parts.
22.Man is‚ in some degree‚ responsible for his actions.
23.There is a Hell in which the wicked will be everlastingly punished.
24.The spirits of persons who have died can sometimes communicate with the living.
25.Right will triumph.
26.Belief in evolution is compatible with belief in a Creator.
27.Hardship strengthens ch‎aracter.
28.Mary‚ Queen of Scots‚ was beheaded between 1580 and 1590.
29.Everything is relative.
30.Tigers are found in parts of China.
31.Hornets live in nests under the ground.
32.Sex is Evil.
33.Light travels to us from the sun in less than one minute.
34.Bacon was the author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare.
35.Green is a primary colour.
36.Sunlight is good for human health.
37.Members of the leisured class are supported by the ‘surplus value’ cr‎eated by the workers.
38.Tariffs improve trade.
39.India has‚ on the whole‚ benefited from British rule.
40.The total national debt of Great Britain is more than a thousand million pounds.
I am completely certain that this statement is true.
I am almost certain that this statement is true.
I think that this statement is true‚ but I am not at all certain.
I am completely uncertain about this statement.
I think this statement is false‚ but I am not at all certain.
I am almost certain that this statement is false.
I am completely certain that this statement is false.

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