Religious Attitude Inventory

Broen‚ 1956
1.    God is constantly with us.
2.    Christ died for sinners.
3.    The Ten Commandments were good for people of olden times but are really not applicable to modern life.
4.    There is really no such a place as Hell.
5.    Miracles are performed by the power of God even today.
6.    It is through the righteousness of Jesus Christ and not because of our own works that we are made righteous before God.
7.    Dancing is a sin.
8.    Christ's simple message of concern for your fellow man has been twisted by the superstitious mysticism of such men as Paul.
9.    God can be approached directly by all believers.
10.The death of Christ on the cross was necessary to blot out man's sin and make him acceptable in the eyes of God.
11.It was too bad that Christ died so young or He could have been a greater power for good.
12."God" is an abstract concept roughly equivalent to the concept "nature."
13.God exist sin all of us.
14.Man is born in sin.
15.The wearing of fashionable dress and worldly adornment should be discontinued because it tends to gratify and encourage pride.
16.Man's essential nature is good.
17.I am sometimes very conscious of the presence of God.
18.Man is by nature sinful and unclean.
19.All public places of amusement should be closed on Sunday‚
20.The stories of miracle sin the Bible are like the parables in that they have some deeper meaning or moral but are n o t to be taken literally.
21.God is very real to me‚
22.The Bible is the word of God and must be believed in its entirety.
23.I believe in God but I am not sure what I believe about Him.
24.Man has a spark of the divine in him which must be made to blossom more fully.
25.When in doubt it's best to stop and ask God what to do.
26.Sin brings forth the wrath of God.
27.A person should follow his own conscience in deciding right and wrong.
28.The most important idea in religion Is the golden rule.
29.God should be asked about all important matters.
30.The wrath of God is a terrible thing.
31.It is more important to love your neighbor than to keep the Ten Commandments.
32.The scriptures should be interpreted with the constant exercise of reason.
33.Because of His presence we can know that God exists.
34.Everyone will be called before God at the judgment day to answer for his sins.
35.Man's idea of God is quite vague.
36.Reason is not depraved and untrustworthy for then the natural foundations of religion which rest upon it‚ would fall.
37.Miracles are sometimes performed by persons in close commun‎ion with God.
38.Everyone has sinned and deserves punishment for his sins.
39.The church is important because it is an effective agency for organizing the social life of a community.
40.My faith in God is complete for "though He slay me yet will I trust Him."
41.No one should question the authority of the Bible.
42.The content of various doctrines is unimportant. What really matters is that they help those who believe in them to lead better lives.
43.When the scriptures are interpreted with reason they will be found to be consistent with themselves and with nature.
44.Because of his terrible sinfulness‚ man has been eternally damned unless he accepts Christ as his savior.
45.Religion is a search for understanding‚ truth‚ love and beauty in human life.
46.True love of God is shown in obedience to His moral laws.
47.Every person born in to this world deserves God's wrath and damnation.
48.If we live as pure live s as we can‚ God will forgive our sins.
49.The world is full of condemned sinners.
50.Persons who are in close contact with the Holy Spirit can‚ and do at times speak in unknown tongues.
51.The Devil can enter a man's body and take control.
52.The people of the world must repent before it is too late and they find themselves in Hell.
53.No one who has experienced God like I have could doubt His existence.
54.The Christian must lead a strict life‚ away from worldly amusements.
55.In his natural state of sin‚ man is too evil to communicate with God.
56.Christ was not divine but his teachings and the example set by his life are invaluable.
57.The question of Christ's divinity is unimportant; it is his teachings that matter.
58.God is the final judge of our behavior but I do not believe that He is as punishing as some seem to say He is.
"nearness to God" and "fundamentalism-humanitarianism”.
Nearness to God (1-A‚ 3-D‚ 5-A‚ 7-D‚ 9-A‚ 11-D‚ 13-A‚ 15-D‚ 17-A‚ 19-D‚ 21-A‚ 23-D‚ 25-A‚ 27-D‚ 29-A‚ 31-D‚ 33-A‚ 35-D‚ 37-A‚ 40-A‚ 43-D‚ 46-A‚ 48-A‚ 50-A‚ 51-A‚ 52-D‚ 53-A‚ 54-D‚ 55-D‚ 56-D‚ 57-D‚ 58-A)
fundamentalism-humanitarianism (2 - A ‚ 4 - D‚ 6 - A‚ 8 - D‚ 10 - A‚ 12 - D‚ 14 - A‚ 16 - D‚ 18 - A‚ 20 - D‚ 22 - A‚ 24 - D‚ 26 - A‚ 28 - D‚ 30 - A‚ 32 - D‚ 34 - A‚ 36 - D‚ 38 - A‚ 39 - D‚ 41 - A‚ 42 - D‚ 44 - A‚ 45 - D‚ 47 - A‚ 49 - A‚ 51 - A‚ 52 - A‚ 53 - A‚ 54 - A‚ 55 - A‚ 56 - D‚ 57 - D‚ 58 - D.)
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