Ethnocentrism Scale

Adorno et al‚ 1950; Adopted by Zagona‚ 1959
1.    One trouble with Jewish businessmen is that they stick together and prevent other people from ha‎ving a fair chance in competition.
2.    I can hardly imagine myself marrying a Jew.
3.    There may be a few exceptions‚ but in general Jews are pretty much alike.
4.    The trouble with letting Jews into a nice neighborhood is that they gradually give it a typical Jewish atmosphere.
5.    To end prejudice against Jews‚ the first step is for the Jews to try sincerely to get rid of their harmful and irritating faults.
6.    There is something different and strange about Jews; it’s hard to tell what they are thinking and planning‚ and what makes them tick.
7.    Negroes have their rights‚ but it is best to keep them in their own districts and schools and to prevent too much contact with whites.
8.    It would be a mistake ever to have Negroes for foremen and leaders over whites.
9.    Negro musicians may sometimes be as good as white musicians‚ but it is a mistake to have mixed Negro-white bands.
10.Manual labor and unskilled jobs seem to fit the Negro mentality and ability better than more skilled or responsible work.
11.The people who raise all the talk about putting Negroes on the same level as whites are mostly radical agitators trying to stir up conflicts
12.Host Negroes would become overbearing and disagreeable if not kept in their place.
13.Beatniks or Zootsuiters prove that when people of their type have too much money and freedom‚ they just take advantage and cause trouble.
14.The worst danger to real Americanism during the last 50 years has come from foreign ideas and agitators.
15.Now that a new world organization is set up‚ America must be sure that she loses none of her independence and complete power as a sovereign nation.
16.Certain religious sects who refuse to salute the flag should be forced to conform to such a patriotic action‚ or else be abolished.
17.Filipinos are all right in their place‚ but they carry it too far when they dress lavishly and go around with white girls.
18.America may not be perfect‚ but the American Way has brought us about as close as human beings can get to a perfect society.
19.It is only natural and right for each person to think that his family is better than any other.
20.The best guarantee of our national security is for America to have the biggest army and navy in the world and the secret of the atom bomb.
Complete agreement (+3) to complete disagreement (-3)
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