Environmental Acculturative Stress Scale (SAFE) Scale for Children

Social‚ Attitudinal‚ Familial‚ and Environmental Acculturative Stress Scale (SAFE) Scale for Children
Hovey and King‚ 1996
1.    I feel uncomfortable when others make jokes about Korean culture.
2.    My family members do not understand my American values.
3.    My family members and I have different expectations about my future.
4.    It bothers me that I cannot be with my family.
5.    Being Korean can be a limitation in looking for a good job.
6.    Many people have stereotypes about Korean culture.
7.    Living in the U.S. gives me stress.
8.    It bothers me when I think of my limited English skills.
9.    Other ethnic people try to stop me from advancing.
10.I get pressure from others to become a part of the American culture.
11.Because I am Korean‚ I do not get enough credit for the work I do.
12.It bothers me when I lose contacts with friends or families in Korea.
13.Other ethnic friends exclude me from activities because of my Korean background.
14.People look down upon me when I practice my Korean customs.
15.It will be better if I have more Koreans in my neighborhood.
16.I will gain more respect if I were in Korea.
1= Strongly Agree‚ 2 = Agree‚ 3 = Disagree‚ and 4 = Strongly Disagree

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