Australian Ethnocentrism Inventory

Australian Ethnocentrism Inventory
Price‚ 2000
1.    Australia should adopt a new flag‚ because it is no longer appropriate to have a un‎ion Jack on our flag.
2.    Women who become prostitutes are usually forced into it by circumstances‚ and deserve the full protection of law.
3.    I feel uncomfortable with people who dress unconventionally.
4.    Australians should focus on teaching children the positive aspects of their country’s history‚ rather than dwelling on negatives like our convict past‚ past treatment of Aborigines‚ etc.
5.    Most people who beg for money on the streets are not in dire need of food‚ but want to buy drugs‚ alcohol etc.‚ and should not be encouraged.
6.    The Australian government should welcome more migrants from Asia.
7.    It is unsociable for a person to refuse to drink any alcohol (unless they are driving or have medical reasons).
8.    I would happily enter into a serious relationship with someone of a different race from me.
9.    Conditions in Australian jails are too luxurious‚ and do not provide enough of a punishment or deterrent to criminals.
10.Australian farmers have more right to the land they farm than do Aboriginals who want access to the land.
11.People who are mentally ill should be looked after in secure institutions where they cannot pose a danger to society.
12.I enjoy hearing a range of languages spoken in Australia.
13.Immigrants should be treated like other Australians‚ and should look after themselves without any extra benefits from the Government.
14.Homosexuals should be allowed to hold influential positions in society.
15.The world would be a better place if more countries had a political system like Australia’s.
16.Australian schools should devote more time to teaching Aboriginal history and culture‚ and how we can help heal the wrongs we have done the Aborigines.
17.It would be better for all concerned if the intellectually disabled were kept and cared for in institutions.
18.Multiculturalism is threatening the Australian way of life.
19.Women are still systematically discriminated against in Australia‚ and the feminist movement needs to go further to redress the balance.
20.The Australian flag illustrates our close ties with England‚ and should not be changed.
21.The mentally ill should live as normal a life as possible in the community.
22.Australians should help Aborigines to regain and maintain their own culture and lifestyle‚ rather than expecting them to join white society.
23.If you speak English‚ it is not particularly important to learn other languages.
24.Australia should treat gambling addicts like other addicts‚ and try to help and rehabilitate them.
25.I would prefer to go out with someone of my own race.
26.Australia should do as much as it can to ease the suffering of people in other countries by accepting refugees‚ giving overseas aid‚ etc.
27.Intellectually disabled people should be encouraged to live in the community and take part in society.
28.In general‚ I think Europe is a less dangerous place than Asia.
29.Criminals in jail have a right to good living conditions like all human beings; the removal of their freedom is sufficient punishment for their crimes.
30.There are many countries in the world with better political systems than Australia‚ and Australia should learn from them.
31.The ancestral lands of the Aborigines are sacred to them whether or not farmers are leasing them‚ and Aboriginal people should be given access to those lands.
32.Australian tourists are safer in Asia than they are in Europe.
33.Becoming a prostitute is an immoral and socially damaging choice which cannot be justified‚ and women who prostitute themselves should be treated as criminals.
34.I would prefer people living in Australia to speak English in public.
35.I feel attracted to people who wear unusual clothes‚ because they might make interesting friends.
36.The Australian government should give priority to white‚ English-speaking migrants.
37.Women and men already have equal rights in Australia‚ and to take feminism any further would be discriminating against men.
38.Aborigines should adopt the mainstream Australian lifestyle.
39.Australia ought to look after its own problems and spend less time and resources on the problems of other countries.
40.Every effort should be made to stop languages from disappearing.
41.Australians should encourage immigrants to preserve their own cultural values and beliefs.
42.Homosexuals should not be placed in powerful positions which might enable them to promote their lifestyle.
43.People who immigrate to Australia should adopt Australian values and beliefs.
44.People who beg for money are usually desperate from hunger or for other good reasons‚ and should be treated with compassion.
45.Australian culture has been greatly enriched by multiculturalism.
46.People who go bankrupt because of gambling have only themselves to blame.
47.People who choose not to drink alcohol are as fun and sociable as those who do.
48.The Australian government should devote more resources to helping migrants settle happily in Australia.
1=Strongly agree‚ 2=Agree‚ 3=Slightly agree‚ 4=Neither agree nor disagree‚ 5=Slightly disagree‚ 6=Disagree‚ 7=Strongly disagree
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Price‚ Fiona Swee-Lin. (2000). Intercultural contact‚ ethnocentrism and the mediating role of epistemology. University of Melbourne‚ Doctoral Dissension