Ethnocentric Image of Democracy Scale

Ethnocentric Image of Democracy Scale
Hyman‚ Wright and Hopkins 1962
1.    In Australia‚ every citizen is required by law to vote.
2.    Until recently‚ in Sweden‚ most babies were automatically registered as members of the Lutheran Church‚ the state religion.
3.    Until recently‚ in Sweden‚ the amount of alcohol that a person could buy each month was regulated by law.
4.    In France‚ you must pay for a license in order to have a radio set in your home.
5.    In the United States‚ all children must be vaccinated against smallpox.
6.    In Great Britain‚ under the law‚ doctors no longer collect their fees from patients but bill the government.
7.    In Norway‚ any Jesuit is prohibited by law from entering the country.
8.    In Japan‚ all school children wear uniforms.
9.    In the United States‚ one may legally have only one husband or wife at a time.
This practice seems to me: thoroughly democratic; undemocratic but tolerable; thoroughly undemocratic.
0 (low ethnocentrism) to 9 (high ethnocentrism)

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