Church-Sect Scale

Church-Sect Scale
Dynes 1957
1.    I think a minister should preach without expecting to get paid for it.
2.    I think it is more important to live a good life now than to bother about life after death.
3.    I think a person who is not willing to follow all the rules of the church should not be allowed to belong.
4.    Testifying about one's religious experience should be a part of regular church services.
5.    I feel that a congregation should encourage the minister during his sermon by saying amen.
6.    I think that we should emphasize education in religion and not conversion.
7.    I think that there is practically no difference between what the different Protestant churches believe.
8.    I think a person should make a testimony about his religion before he joins a church.
9.    I n church‚ I would rather sing the hymns myself than hear the choir sing.
10.I think being a success in one's job is one mark of a good Christian.
11.A minister who is "called "is better than one who is "trained."
12.I like the "old-time" religion.
13.I think churches should have more revivals.
14.I think it would be wrong for a church member to have a job as a bartender.
15.I think a person should feel his religion before he joins a church.
16.I like to sing the old gospel songs rather than the new hymns.
17.I don't believe churches do enough about saving souls.
18.Heaven and Hell are very real to me.
19.All the miracles in the Bible are true.
20.Children should not become members of the church until they are old enough to understand about it.
21.I think it is more important to go to church than to be active in politics.
22.I wish ministers would preach more on the Bible and less on politics.
23.I think it is more serious to break God's law than to break man's law.
24.I think every family should have family prayers or say grace before meals.
Strongly agree‚ Agree‚ ?‚ Disagree‚ Strongly disagree

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