Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (DSES)

Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (DSES)
Underwood‚ L. G. & Teresi‚ J. (2002).
  1. I feel God’s presence
  2. I experience a connection all life
  3. During worship‚ or at other times when connecting with God‚ I feel joy‚ which lifts me out of my daily concerns.
  4. I find strength in my religion or spirituality
  5. I find comfort in my religion or spirituality
  6. I feel deep inner peace or harmony
  7. I ask for God’s help in the midst of daily activities
  8. I feel guided by God in the midst of daily activities
  9. I feel God’s love for me directly
  10. I feel God’s love for me through others
  11. I am spiritually touched by the beauty of creation
  12. I feel thankful for my blessings
  13. I feel a selfless caring for others
  14. I accept others even when they do things that I think are wrong
  15. I desire to be closer to God or in un‎ion with Him
  16. In general‚ how close to you feel to God?
This instrument can be found on page 2 of Self Report Measures for Love and Compassion Research: Spiritual Experience & Religiosity‚ Fetzer Institute‚ available online http://www.fetzer.org/sites/default/files/images/resources/attachment/2012-10-19/MultidimensionalBooklet.pdf
This instrument can be found on pages 11-18 of Multidimensional Measurement of Religiousness/Spirituality for Use in Health Research: A Report of the Fetzer Institute/National Institute on Aging Working Group‚ available online at http://fetzer.org/resources/multidimensional-measurement-religiousnessspirituality-use-health-research
Point values are assigned as follows:
Items 1-15:
1=Many Times a Day
3=Most Days
4=Some Days
5=Once in a While
6=Never or Almost Never
Item 16:
1=Not Close at‚ 2= All Somewhat Close‚ 3= Very Close‚ 4= As Close as Possible
The first 15 items are usually scored together as a full scale score – the score is kept continuous. Item 16 is scored separately.
Dr. Underwood requests that researchers link to her website‚ http://www.dsescale.org/ for more information on the most current articles concerning the scale. Please also see http://www.dsescale.org/OrdSpirExper.pdf  for more information on Scoring.

Underwood L.‚ Teresi J. Development.‚ (2002). The Daily Spiritual Experience Scale: Development‚ theoretical description‚ reliability‚ exploratory factor analysis‚ and preliminary construct validity using health related data. Annals of Behavioral Medicine‚ 24‚ 22-33.