Social Responsibility Scale (SRS)

Berkowitz and Lutterman 1968
1.    It is no use worrying about current events or public affairs; I can’t do anything about them anyway.
2.    Every person should give some of his time for the good of his town or country.
3.    Our country would be a lot better off if we didn’t have so many elections and people didn’t have to vote so often.
4.    Letting your friends down is not so bad because you can’t do good all the time for everybody.
5.    It is the duty of each person to do his job the very best he can.
6.    People would be a lot better off if they could live far away from other people and never have to do anything for them.
7.    At school I usually volunteered for special projects.

8.    I feel very bad when I have failed to finish a job I promised I would do.

Strongly agree‚ Agree‚ Undecided‚ Disagree‚ Strongly disagree

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