Srole’s Anomia Scale

Srole’s Anomia Scale
Srole 1956
1.    Nowadays‚ a person has to live pretty much for today and let tomorrow take care of itself.
2.    In spite of what some people say‚ the lot (situation/condition) of the average man is getting worse‚ not better.
3.    It’s hardly fair to bring a child into the world with the way things look for the future.
4.    There’s little use writing to public officials because they often aren’t really interested in the problems of the average man. [Most public officials (people in public office) are not really interested in the problems of the average man.]
5.    These days a person doesn’t really know whom he can count on.
6.    Most people really don’t care what happens to the next fellow.
7.    Next to health‚ money is the most important thing in life .
8.    You sometimes can’t help wondering whether anything is worthwhile.
9.    To make money there are no right and wrong ways anymore‚ only easy and hard ways.
agree”‚ “disagree” and “can’t decide.”

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