Acceptance of Others Scale (AOS)

Acceptance of Others Scale (AOS)
Fey‚ 1955
Acceptance of Others
1.    People are too easily led.
2.    I like people I get to know.*
3.    People these days have pretty low moral standards.
4.    Most people are pretty smug about themselves‚ never really facing their bad points.
5.    I can be comfortable with nearly all kinds of people.*
6.    All people can talk about these days‚ it seems‚ is movies‚ TV‚ and foolishness like that.
7.    People get ahead by using 'pull‚' and not because of what they know.
8.    I f you once start doing favors for people‚ they'll just walk all over you.
9.    People are too self-centered.
10.People are always dissatisfied and hunting for something new.
11.With many people you don't know how you stand.
12.You've probably got to hurt someone if you're going to make something out of yourself.
13.People really need a strong‚ smart leader.
14.I enjoy myself most when I am alone‚ away from people.
15.I wish people would be more honest with you.
16.I enjoy going with a crowd.*
17.I n my experience‚ people are pretty stubborn and unreasonable.
18.I can enjoy being with people whose values are very different from mine.*
19.Everybody tries to be nice.*
20.The average person is not very well satisfied with himself.
Acceptability to Others
1.    People are quite critical of me.
2.    I feel 'left out‚' as if people don't want me around.
3.    People seem to respect my opinion about things.*
4.    People seem to like me.*
5.    Most people seem to understand how I feel about things.*
* Reversed item
1= Almost always to 5= Very rarely
This instrument can be found at: Measures of social psychological attitudes

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