Rich Engagement Scale

·         I work with intensity on my job.
·         I exert my full effort to my job.
·         I devote a lot of energy to my job.
·         I try my hardest to perform well on my job.
·         I strive as hard as I can to complete my job.
·         I exert a lot of energy on my job.
·         I am enthusiastic about my job.
·         I feel energetic at my job.
·         I am interested in my job.
·         I am proud of my job.
·         I feel positive about my job.
·         I am excited about my job.
·         At work‚ my mind is focused on my job.
·         At work‚ I pay a lot of attention to my job.
·         At work‚ I focus a great deal of attention on my job.
·         At work‚ I am absorbed by my job.
·         At work‚ I concentrate on my job.
·         At work‚ I devote a lot of attention to my job.
5 point: “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”
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