Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) Schaufeli & Bakker‚ 2003‚ 2006‚ 2007

Work & Well-being Survey
1. At my work‚ I feel bursting with energy* (VI1)
2. I find the work that I do full of meaning and purpose (DE1)
3. Time flies when I'm working (AB1)
4. At my job‚ I feel strong and vigorous (VI2)*
5. I am enthusiastic about my job (DE2)*
6. When I am working‚ I forget everything else around me (AB2)
7. My job inspires me (DE3)*
8. When I get up in the morning‚ I feel like going to work (VI3)*
9. I feel happy when I am working intensely (AB3)*
10. I am proud on the work that I do (DE4)*
11. I am immersed in my work (AB4)*
12. I can continue working for very long periods at a time (VI4)
13. To me‚ my job is challenging (DE5)
14. I get carried away when I’m working (AB5)*
15. At my job‚ I am very resilient‚ mentally (VI5)
16. It is difficult to detach myself from my job (AB6)
17. At my work I always persevere‚ even when things do not go well (VI6)
* Shortened version (UWES-9); VI= vigor; DE = dedication; AB = absorption
0= Never‚ 1= Almost never (A few times a year or less)‚ 2= Rarely (Once a month or less)‚ 3= Sometimes (A few times a month)‚ 4=Often (Once a week)‚ 5=Very often (A few times a week)‚ 6= Always (Every day)

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