Job Engagement

1.    I worked with intensity on my task
2.    I exerted my full effort to my task
3.    I devoted a lot of energy to my task
4.    I tried my hardest to perform well on my task
5.    I strove as hard as I could to complete my task
6.    I exerted a lot of energy on my task
7.    I am enthusiastic in my job
8.    I feel energetic at my job
9.    I am interested in my job
10.I am proud of my job
11.I feel positive about my job
12.I am excited about my job
13.At work‚ my mind is focused on my job
14.At work‚ I pay a lot of attention to my job
15.At work‚ I focus a great deal of attention on my job
16.At work‚ I am absorbed by my job
17.At work‚ I concentrate on my job
18.At work‚ I devote a lot of attention to my job
Physical engagement‚ Emotional engagement‚ Cognitive engagement
Internal consistency reliabilities ranged from .89 to .94
1-Strongly Disagree‚ 2- Somewhat Disagree‚ 3- Neutral‚ 4- Somewhat Agree‚ 5- Strongly Agree
Physical engagement (items 1-6)‚ Emotional engagement (items 7-12)‚ and Cognitive engagement (items 13-18)

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