ISA Engagement Scale

I focus hard on my work.
I concentrate on my work.
I pay a lot of attention to my work.
I share the same work values as my colleagues.
I share the same work goals as my colleagues.
I share the same work attitudes as my colleagues.
I feel positive about my work.
I feel energetic in my work.
I am enthusiastic in my work.
1= “strongly disagree” to 7= “strongly agree”

Soane‚ E.‚ Truss‚ C.‚ Alfes‚ K.‚ Shantz‚ A.‚ Rees‚ C.‚ & Gatenby‚ M. (2012). Development and application of a new measure of employee engagement: The ISA engagementscale. Human Resource Development International‚ 15(5)‚ 529-547.

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