Revised Community Organization Sense of Community Scale (COSCS-R)

1.    People have a real say about what goes on in (organization name).
2.    People in (organization name) respond to what I think is important.
3.    Being in (organization name) allows me to be around important people.
4.    (Organization name) helps me to be a part of other groups in this city.
5.    (Organization name) is respected in this city.
6.    (Organization name) gets a lot done in this community.
7.    I like living in this town; (city name) is the place for me.
8.    (City name) is a good place for me to live.
Relationship to Organization (RO)‚ Organization as Mediator (OM)‚ Influence of Organization (IO)‚ and Bond to Community (BC)
Strongly Agree‚ Agree‚ Somewhat Agree‚ Somewhat Disagree‚ Disagree‚ Strongly Disagree
Relationship to Organization (1‚ 2); Organization as Mediator (3‚ 4)‚ Influence of Organization 5‚ 6)‚ Bond to Community (7‚ 8)
This instrument can be found at: Simmons C. A.‚ Lehmann P. (eds). Google Scholar

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