Batson‚ C. D. & Schoenrade‚ P. A. (1991)
1. I was not very interested in religion until I began to ask questions about the meaning and purpose of my life.
2. I have been driven to ask religious questions out of a growing awareness of the tensions in my world and in my relation to my world.
3. My life experiences have led me to rethink my religious convictions.
4. God wasn't very important for me until I began to ask questions about the meaning of my own life.
Self-criticism and perception of religious doubt as positive
5. It might be said that I value my religious doubts and uncertainties.
6. For me‚ doubting is an important part of what it means to be religious.
7. I find religious doubts upsetting.
8. Questions are far more central to my religious experience than are answers.
Openness to change
9. As I grow and change‚ I expect my religion also to grow and change.
10. I am constantly questioning my religious beliefs.
11. I do not expect my religious convictions to change in the next few years.
12. There are many religious issues on which my views are still changing.
This instrument can be found on page 11 of Self Report Measures for Love and Compassion Research: Spiritual Experience & Religiosity‚ Fetzer Institute‚ available online
Point values are assigned as follows:
1 = Strongly Disagree………………9 = Strongly Agree
Items 7 and 11 are reverse scored. Scoring can be at the subscale level or as a whole. Scoring is kept continuous.

Batson‚ C. D. & Schoenrade‚ P. A. (1991). Measuring religion as a quest: 2.) Reliability concerns. Journal of Scientific Study of Religion‚ 30‚ 430-447.