Multicultural Masculinity Ideology Scale

1. Guys should be courteous to women.
2. A guy should let people know how he feels.
3. A guy should not have male friends who are homosexual.
4. A guy should prove his masculinity by ha‎ving sex with a lot of people.
5. Guys should not try to solve problems by fighting.
6. Providing for his family should be a man’s main goal in life.
7. Male friends should not show affection to each other.
8. A guy should look for a date who has a good personality rather than one who is really good looking.
9. Guys should have a positive attitude towards life and not let things get them down.
10. A guy should be confident in everything he does.
11. In a relationship‚ guys should have sexual intercourse as often as possible.
12. To be a guy‚ you’ve got to be tough.
13. Strong anger is a natural emotion for a guy to show.
14. A guy should have long-term goals for his life.
15. A guy should not show affection to those he loves.
16. A guy should put his best effort into every part of his life.
17. Courage should not be a necessary part of being a guy.
18. Being a virgin should not be an embarrassment to a guy.
19. Even if a guy is not rich‚ he should try to look that way.
20. A guy should always have a woman he is dating.
21. Guys should not cry even when something really bad happens.
22. A guy doesn’t have to be aggressive to get what he wants out of life.
23. In a relationship‚ guys should have sexual intercourse before ha‎ving oral sex.
24. A man should not always have to protect his family.
25. The best way a man can care for his family is to get the highest paying job he can.
26. Guys should be competitive.
27. A guy should have sexual intercourse only in emotionally committed relationships.
28. Even when things get really difficult‚ a guy should keep trying.
29. A guy should not look for danger just for the thrill of it.
30. Being athletic or good at a sport should be important for a guy.
31. A guy should have sexual intercourse as early as he can in his life.
32. Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness in a guy.
33. A guy should take risks to reach his goals.
34. For a guy‚ sexual intercourse should not be the goal of making out.
35. A guy should be independent and not get too attached to others.
  • Masculinity
This instrument can be found on page 39 of Measures for the assessment of dimensions of violence against women: A compendium Compiled by Michael Flood‚ available online at:

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