Non-Heterosexist Mental Health Organizational Climate Scale (NHMHOCS)

1.    When candidates are interviewed for jobs‚ my agency attempts to identify and to screen out people who hold heterosexist attitudes.
2.    Staff members at our agency provide a liaison function with lgb organizations in the community.
3.    Client requests to see a lgb therapist are honored if possible‚ similar to requests to see a female/male therapist.
4.    My agency takes an active stance against heterosexism and oppression in the community.
5.    Information about local resources for lgb clients in NOT routinely available to therapists at our agency (e.g.‚ gay Alcoholics Anonymous meetings).
6.    Groups targeted specially for lgb clients are publicized outside of our agency.
7.    LGB issues are NOT incorporated into staff in-service/staff development programs.
8.    Of the booklets on various topics offered to our clients‚ some are of special interest to lgb clients.
9.    When giving outreach programs‚ therapists at my agency do NOT use examples of lgb situations.
10.My agency does NOT have a commitment to seek lgb staff members in order to serve lgb populations more effectively.
11.When organizations (e.g.‚ hospitals‚ treatment facilities) submit literature for our files‚ care is taken to determine policies regarding lgb concerns.
12.When giving outreach programs‚ therapists at my agency use neutral language so lgb participants can apply concepts to themselves without ha‎ving to translate pronouns or labels to fit.
(completely untrue) to 7 (completely true)
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