Brain Dominance Test

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1.    Do you try to find meaning in something‚ that doesn’t seem to have a meaning?
2.    Do you prefer numbers and facts in a logical sequence?
3.    Do you cry easily and/or are you easily hurt in your feelings?
4.    Is it easy for you to categorize and put away files?
5.    Do you speak a few words of a foreign language?
6.    Do you like puzzles and word games?
7.    Do you always want things in a certain order and the right sequence?
8.    Are you interested in psychology and holistic healing?
9.    Are you interested in music‚ painting‚ dance and other artistic expressions?
10.Do you have patience‚ and approach a task from different angles‚ until you find a solution?
11.Are you objective in your opinions? Do you look at the facts‚ before you make a decision?
12.Do you often think of the past?
13.Do you prefer a clean desk and working environment?
14.Do many think your workplace is messy?
15.Do you have the ability to plan in rough sketches and describe it?
16.Are you visual? Do you remember places because of their colors?
17.Are you romantic and/or is beauty and luxury important to you?
18.Do you sometimes feel‚ that you have seen or experienced something before‚ like in a former lifetime?
19.Do you often act spontaneously? Are you sometimes premature with your conclusions?
20.Are you interested in technology and technical solutions?
21.Do you learn easier from observation and doing it?
22.Do you never have enough time?
23.Do you think logically most of the time‚ and recognize‚ why people behave in a certain manner?
24.Are you a daydreamer‚ and are your dreams vivid and exciting?
25.Do you often have hunches and follow your intuition?
26.Do you often judge based on feelings alone?
27.Do you lack a good sense of time?
28.Can you always find the right words to describe your feelings?
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This instrument can be found online at: