Brain dominance

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1. I keep a to do list in order to organize my schedule.
2. I base important decisions on logic rather than intuition.
3. I am a risk taker.
4. When I have many tasks to accomplish I start with the hard ones first.
5. I think that rules and regulations are important for society to function effectively.
6. It is easier for me to remember faces rather than names.
7. I can usually tell what time it is without looking at a watch.
8. I gesture a lot with my hands when talking.
9. There is a right and a wrong way to do everything.
10. I sometimes act spontaneously without thinking about the consequences of my actions.
11. I turn my head to the right when someone asks me a question.
12. I am more artistic than technical.
13. I prefer to pay attention to how people are communicating (non verbal cues)‚ rather than what they are saying.
14. I like to rearrange the furniture in my house two or three times a year.
15. I would read the instructions before assembling something.
16. My desk is usually very messy.
17. I am usually on time for my appointments.
18. I have difficulty expressing myself with words sometimes.
19. It bothers me when I cannot make sense of every single situation.
20. I am better in algebra than in geometry.
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This instrument can be found online at: