Right-Left Brain Dominance Test

Which Side Are You On? Circle either “A” or “B” that most accurately describes you.
A.    At home‚ my room has organized drawer and closets. I even try to organize other things around the house.
B.    At home‚ I like the "lived-in" look. I clean as I see a need and when I have the time.
A.    My desk is usually clean and has everything in place.
B.    I leave my work out on my desk so I can work as I am inspired by ideas.
A.    I like using the "tried and true" method.
B.    I like creating new methods.
A.    I follow directions carefully when I build a model‚ make a craft‚ etc.
B.    I like to build a model my way‚ making my own creation.
A.    I complete one project at a time.
B.    I like to start many different projects‚ but do not like to finish them.
6. When I am asked to write a report on a subject‚ I........
A.    research information‚ then outline and organize my writing.
B.    work in my own self-inspired direction.
7. When I had to do a project in class‚ I.....
A.    used my parents' ideas‚ a book's illustrated project or modeled another student's project who received an "A+" from my teacher.
B.    loved the challenge‚ and like a "mad scientist‚" I produced a unique project.
8. When I am in ch‎arge of a big job with many people working‚ I usually...
A.    organize‚ give everyone their responsibilities‚ make lists‚ and make sure everyone finishes their part on time.
B.    work at my own pace‚ let others work on the job as they want. I want to take care of needs/problems as they arise.
9. Which of these activities would you like to do the most?
A.    planning the details for a trip/project
B.    creating an original art form
10. I hate it when other people.....
A.    are indecisive about what activities to do when I am with them.
B.    plan activities in step-by-step detail when I am with them.
Scoring the Left/Right Brain Test
Add the number of "A" responses.
Write the sum here.__
Add the number of "B" responses.
Write the sum here.__
If you have more "A" responses than "B" responses‚ then you are left-brained dominate.
This means you........
• are very rational
• analyze people and situations
• usually favor the subjects of math/science
• are methodical
• are a sequential thinker
• use logical reasoning
• like to work with things that can be seen or touched
If you have more "B" responses than "A" responses‚ you are right-brain dominate.
This means you.......
• are very creative
• are usually emotional
• like to be different from others
• handle situations easily
• like to think abstractly
• enjoy the arts (music‚ art‚ drama)
• are a divergent thinker