Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

1. I wear a watch
2. I keep a journal
3. I believe there is a right and wrong way to do everything
4. I hate following directions
5. The expression “Life is just a bowl of cherries” makes no sense to me
6. I find that sticking to a schedule is boring
7. I’d rather draw someone a map then tell them how to get somewhere
8. If I lost something‚ I’d try to remember where I saw it last
9. If I don’t know usually which way to turn‚ I let my emotions guide me
10. I am good at Math
11. If I had to assemble something‚ I’d read the directions first.
12. I’m often late getting places
13. Some people think I’m psychic
14. Setting goals for myself helps keep me from slacking off
15. When somebody asks me a question‚ I turn my head to the left
16. If I have a tough decision to make‚ so I write down the pros and the cons
17. I’d make a good detective
18. I am musically inclined
19. If I have a problem‚ I try to work it out by relating it to one I’ve had in the past
20. When I talk‚ I gesture a lot
21. If someone asks me a question‚ I turn my head to the right
22. I believe there are two sides to every story
23. I can tell if someone is guilty just by looking at them
24. I keep a to do list
25. I feel comfortable expressing myself with words
26. Before I take a stand on an issue‚ I get all the facts
27. I’ve considered becoming a poet‚ a politician‚ an architect‚ or a dancer
28. I lose track of time easily
29. If I forgot someone’s name‚ I’d go through the alphabet until I remembered it
30. I like to draw
31. When I’m confused‚ I usually go with my gut instinct
32. I have considered becoming a lawyer‚ journalist‚ or doctor
Yes‚ No