Left/Right Brain Dominance Test

This instrument can be found online at: http://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/3178
1. Your boss assigns you a handful of projects‚ due in a couple of weeks. How do you go about completing them?
a.    I list them in order of importance and work on each‚ one by one‚ until completion.
b.    I organize them in order of importance and switch between projects when I get bored.
c.    I jump from one project to another until they get done – eventually.
 2. You’ve decided to sign up for some “muy caliente” but complex Spanish lessons. What’s the easiest way for you to learn the language?
a.    Studying and memorizing the verb conjugations and vocabulary.
b.    Repeating after the teacher.
c.    Through studying and memorization as well as practice.
3. As a birthday present‚ your friend bought you one of the latest kitchen gadgets on the market – apparently‚ it can slice‚ dice‚ and make juice at the same time. The only problem is‚ you have no idea how the darn thing works. What do you do?
a.    Grab some apples and carrots and test it out.
b.    Quickly look through the instruction manual and then test it out.
c.    Thoroughly read the instruction manual‚ step by step.
4. Everyone’s favorite time of the year has rolled around again – tax time! Where are all your financial documents and receipts?
a.    Filed away neatly‚ organized by date.
b.    In a mess‚ but all in the same place.
c.    Well‚ there’s some in the drawer‚ some in the closet‚ a few on the fridge‚ and the rest…who knows!
5. Your old clunker of a car has finally broken down and you’re shopping for a new model. How do you make your decision?
a.    I do some research on the model I want (safety and reliability rating)‚ and assess whether the price is reasonable.
b.    I sit in the car and get a “feel” for it – if I feel right in it‚ I know it’s for me.
c.    I do a little research on the one I like and then take it for a test-drive to see how I feel in it.
6. You have a formal event coming up but are a little strapped for cash‚ so rather than buying a dress/suit you’ve decided to have it made. What would be the easiest way for you to describe to the tailor what you want?
a.    Draw him/her a picture.
b.    Describe it to him/her in a lot of detail.
c.    Describe in detail what I want‚ with the help of a picture.
7. How are your clothes organized in your drawers?
a.    Each type has its own drawer (all sweaters in one‚ underwear in another‚ etc.).
b.    They’re divided according to style (casual wear in one drawer‚ work clothes in another‚ formal wear in the closet‚ etc.).
c.    A little bit of both of the above.
8. When it comes to puns‚ punchlines‚ or metaphors you:
a.    Almost always get them.
b.    Sometimes get them.
c.    Almost never get them.
9. When a friend recounts a story you usually prefer that he/she:
a.    Get straight to the point and spare the details.
b.    Summarize the story but add in a few details.
c.    Recount the story in its entirety‚ sparing no detail.
10. Your friend makes a snide remark that hits a nerve. What would bother you more: what was said‚ or how it was said (i.e. sarcastic tone)?
a.    The words.
b.    The tone of voice.
c.    Both
11. When it came to following rules as a child‚ your parents/teachers would probably say that:
a.    You were always fairly well-behaved and generally didn’t question them.
b.    You would constantly question any rule in place: “But why do I have to?”
c.    You were generally respectful of the rules‚ but sometimes questioned them.
 12. When you meet someone new‚ you’re more likely to remember:
a.    His/her name.
b.    His/her face.
c.    Both
This instrument can be found online at:  http://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/3178