Wesley Rigidity Scale

Wesley Rigidity Scale
Wesley 1953
1.    I am often the last one to give up trying to do a thing.
2.    There is usually only one best way to solve most problems.
3.    I prefer work that requires a great deal of attention to detail.
4.    I often become so wrapped up in something I am doing that I find it difficult to turn my attention to other matters.
5.    I prefer doing one thing at a time to keeping several projects going.
6.    I dislike to change my plans in the midst of an undertaking.
7.    I never miss going to church.
8.    I would like a position which requires frequent changes from one kind of task to another.
9.    I usually maintain my own opinions even though many other people may have a different point of view.
10.I find it easy to stick to a certain schedule‚ once I have started on it.
11.I believe women ought to have as much sexual freedom as men.
12.I do not enjoy ha‎ving to adapt myself to new and unusual situations.
13.I prefer to stop and think before I act even on trifling matters.
14.I would not like the kind of work which involves a large number of different activities.
15.I try to follow a program of life based on duty.
16.I have kept a careful diary over a period of years.
17.My interests tend to change quickly.
18.I usually find that my own way of attacking a problem is best‚ even though it doesn't always seem to work in the beginning.
19.I dislike ha‎ving to learn new ways of doing things.
20.I like a great deal of variety in my work.
21.I am a methodical person in whatever I do.
22.I am usually able to keep at a job longer than most people.
23.I think it is usually wise to do things in a conventional way.
24.I always finish tasks I start‚ even if they are not very important.
25.People who go about their work methodically are almost always the most successful.
26.When I have undertaken a task‚ I find it difficult to set it aside‚ even for a short time.
27.I often find myself thinking of the same tune or phrases for days a t a time.
28.I have a work and study schedule which I follow carefully.
29.I usually check more than once to be sure that I have locked a door‚ put out the light‚ or something of the sort.
30.I have never done anything dangerous for the thrill of it.
31.It is always a good thing to be frank.
32.I have a habit of collecting various kinds of objects.
33.I have taken a good many courses on the spur of the moment.
34.I believe that promptness is a very important personality ch‎aracteristic.
35.My interests change very quickly.
36.It is the slow‚ steady worker who usually accomplishes the most in the end.
37.I am always careful about my manner of dress.
38.I usually dislike to set aside a task that I have undertaken until it is finished.
39.I am inclined to go from one activity to another without continuing with any one for too long a time.
40.I prefer to do things according to a routine which I plan myself.
41.I always put on and take off my clothes in the same order.
“True" or "False"

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