Rigidity Scale (RI)

Rigidity Scale (RI)
Rehfisch‚ 1958
Anxiety and Constriction in Social Situations
1.    I usually don't like to talk much unless I am with people I know very well.
2.    I like to talk before groups of people.
3.    It is hard for me to start a conversation with strangers.
4.    I would like to be an actor on the stage or in the movies.
5.    It is hard for me to act natural when I am with new people.
6.    I feel nervous if I have to meet a lot of people.
7.    I usually feel nervous and ill at ease at a formal dance or party.
8.    When I work on a committee I like to take ch‎arge of things.
9.    I usually take an active part in the entertainment at parties.
10.I am a better talker than listener.
11.I try to remember good stories to pass them on to other people.
12.I am embarrassed with people I do n o t know well.
13.A strong person doesn't show his emotions and feelings.
Need for a stable‚ orderly‚ predictable environment; perseverative tendencies
14.I must admit that it makes me angry when other people interfere with my daily activity.
15.I find that a well-ordered mode of life with regular hours is congenial to my temperament.
16.I t bothers me when something unexpected interrupts my daily routine.
17.I don't like to undertake any project unless I have a pretty good idea as to how it will turn out.
18.I find it hard to set aside a task that I have undertaken‚ even for a short time.
19.I don't like things to be uncertain and unpredictable.
Slowness in coming to a decision-‎-compulsive doubting
20.I am very slow in making up my mind.
21.At times I feel that I can make up my mind with unusually great ease.
Conservatism and conventionality
22.I must admit I try to see what others think before I take a stand.
23.I do not like to see women smoke.
24.I would be uncomfortable in anything other than fairly conventional dress.
25.I keep out of trouble at all costs.
26.It wouldn’t make me nervous if any members of my family got Into trouble with the law.
27.I must admit that I would find it hard to have for a close friend a person whose manners or appearance made him somewhat repulsive‚ no matter how brilliant or kind he might be.
28.I would certainly enjoy beating a crook at his own game.
29.I would like the job of a foreign correspondent for a newspaper.
Self-doubt and sensitivity to negative criticism
30.I get very tense and anxious when I think other people are disapproving of me.
31.I am certainly lacking in self-confidence.
32.Criticism or scolding makes me very uncomfortable.
1.    Misanthropy and parsimony
33.Most people inwardly dis like putting themselves out to help other people.
34.I am against giving money to beggars.
35.Many of the girls I knew in college went with a fellow only for what they could get out of him.
Emphatic concern with work and study
36.I always follow the rule: business before pleasure.
37.I get disgusted with myself when I can't understand some problem in my field‚ or when I can't seem to make any progress on a research problem.
38.I have never been made especially nervous over trouble that any members of my family have gotten in to.
39.I have no fear of spiders.
(a) constriction and inhibition‚ (b) conservatism‚ (c) intolerance of disorder and ambiguity‚ (d) observational and perseverative tendencies‚ (e) social introversion‚ ( f ) anxiety and guilt
True – False
constriction and inhibition (13‚ 25‚ 28)‚ conservatism (19‚ 22‚ 23‚ 24‚ 34‚9‚ 22‚ 23‚ 24‚ 34‚5)‚ intolerance of disorder and ambiguity (14-17‚ 20‚ 27‚ 37)‚ observational and perseverative tendencies (8‚ 18‚ 21‚ 36‚ 39)‚ social introversion (1-10)‚ anxiety and guilt (12‚ 30‚ 31‚ 32‚ 38)

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