Ego-Strength Scale

A. Physical functioning and physiological stability.
1.    During the past few years I have been well most of the time. (T)
2.    I am in just as good physical health as most of my friends. (T)
3.    I have never had a fainting spell. (T)
4.    I feel weak all over much of the time. (F)
5.    My hands have not become clumsy or awkward. (T)
6.    I have a cough most of the time. (F)
7.    I have a good appetite. (T)
8.    I have diarrhea once a month or more. (F)
9.    At times I hear so well it bothers me. (F)
10.I seldom worry about my health. (T)
B. Psychasthenia and seclusiveness.
11.I feel unable to tell anyone all about myself. (F)
12.I feel sympathetic towards people who tend to hang on to their griefs and troubles. (F)
13.I brood a great deal. (F)
14.I frequently find myself worrying about something. (F)
15.I have met problems so full of possibilities that I have been unable to make up my mind about them. (F)
16.I get mad easily and then get over it soon. (T)
17.When I leave home‚ I do not worry about whether the door is locked and the windows closed. (T)
18.Sometimes some unimportant thought will run through my mind and bother me for days. (F)
19.Often I cross the street in order not to meet someone I see. (F)
20.I dream frequently about things that are best kept to myself. (F)
C. Attitudes toward religion.
21.I go to church almost every week. (T)
22.I pray several times every week. (F)
23.Christ performed miracles such as changing water into wine. (F)
24.Everything is turning out just like the prophets of the Bible said it would. (F)
25.I have had some very unusual religious experiences. (F)
26.I believe my sins are unpardonable. (F)
D. Moral posture.
27.I would certainly enjoy beating a crook at his own game. (T)
28.When I get bored‚ I like to stir up some excitement. (T)
29.I do many things which I regret afterwards (I regret things more or more often than others seem to). (F)
30.I can be friendly with people who do things which I consider wrong. (T)
31.Some people are so bossy that I feel like doing the opposite of what they request‚ even though I know they are right. (T)
32.I like to flirt. (T)
33.I am a t t r a c t e d by members of the opposite sex. (T)
34.I never attend a sexy show i f I can avoid i t . (F)
35.I like to talk about sex. (T)
36.I do not like to see women smoke. (F)
37.Sometimes I enjoy hurting persons I love. (T)
E. Sense of reality.
38.I have had very peculiar and strange experiences. (F)
39.I have strange and peculiar thoughts. (F)
40.I have had blank spells in which my activities were interrupted and I did not know what was going on around me. (F)
41.When I am with people‚ I am bothered by hearing very queer things. (F)
42.At times I have fits of laughing and crying that I cannot control. (F)
43.I have had no difficulty in keeping ray balance in walking. (T)
44.Parts of my body often have feelings like burning‚ tingling ‚ crawling‚ or like "going to sleep." (F)
45.My skin seems to be unusually sensitive to touch. (F)
F. Personal adequacy‚ ability to cope.
46.My plans have frequently seemed so full of difficulties that I have had to give them up. (F)
47.I am easily downed in an argument. (F)
48.I find it hard to keep my mind on a task or job. (F)
49.My way of doing things is apt to be misunderstood by others. (F)
50.I sometimes feel that I am about to go to pieces. (F)
51.I feel tired a good deal of the time. (F)
52.If I were an artist‚ I would like to draw flowers. (F)
53.If I were an artist‚ I would like to draw children. (F)
54.I like collecting flowers or growing house plants. (F)
55.I like to cook. (F)
56.When someone says silly or ignorant things about something I know‚ I try to set him right. (T)
G. Phobiasinfantile anxieties.
57.I am not afraid of fire. (T)
58.I am made nervous by certain animals. (F)
59.Dirt frightens or disgusts me. (F)
60.I am afraid of finding myself in a closet or small closed place. (F)
61.I have often been frightened in the middle of the night. (F)
H. Miscellaneous.
62.I like science. (T)
63.I think Lincoln was greater than Washington. (T)
64.I very much like horseback riding. (F)
65.The man who had most to do with me when I was a child (such as my father‚ stepfather‚ etc.) was very strict with me. (T)
66.One or more members of my family is very nervous. (T)
physical functioning and physiological stability ‚ psychasthenia and seclusiveness‚ attitudes toward religionmoral posture‚ sense of reality ‚ personal adequacy‚ phobias and infantile anxieties ‚ and "miscellaneous”
True‚ False

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