Short Dogmatism Scale – Troldahl

Short Dogmatism Scale – Troldahl
Troldahl and Powell 1965
1.    In this complicated world of ours the only way we can know what is going on is to rely upon leaders or experts who can be trusted.
2.    My blood boils whenever a person stubbornly refuses to admit he’s wrong.
3.    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are on the side of truth and those who are against it.
4.    Most people just don’t know what’s good for them.
5.    Of all the different philosophies which have existed in this world there is probably only one which is correct.
6.    The highest form of government is a democracy and the highest form of democracy is a government run by those who are most intelligent.
7.    The main thing in life is for a person to want to do something important.
8.    I’d like it if I could find someone who would tell me how to solve my personal problems.
9.    Most of the ideas which get printed nowadays aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.
10.Man on his own is a helpless and miserable creature.
11.It is only when a person devotes him/herself to an ideal or cause that his/her life becomes meaningful.
12.Most people just don’t give a “damn” about others.
13.To compromise with our political opponents is dangerous because it usually leads to the betrayal of our own side.
14.It is often desirable to reserve judgment about what’s going on until one has had a chance to hear the opinions of those one respects.
15.The present is all too often full of unhappiness. It is only the future that counts.
16.16.The United States and Russia have just about nothing in common.
17.In a discussion I often find it necessary to repeat myself several times to make sure I am being understood.
18.While I don’t like to admit this even to myself‚ my secret ambition is to become a great man like Einstein‚ Beethoven or Shakespeare.
19.Even though freedom of speech for all groups is a worthwhile goal‚ it is unfortunately necessary to restrict the freedom of certain political groups.
20.It is better to be a dead hero than a live coward.
1= agree a little‚ 2=Agree on the whole‚ 3= agree very much‚ 4= disagree a little ‚ 5= disagree on the whole‚ 6=Disagree very much

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