Teacher Irrational Belief Scale (TIBS)

1.    I think I’m really inadequate when I don’t get the approval or respect for what I do.
2.    The prospect of teaching a class I don’t have good control over is more than I can take.
3.    I think I’m a failure when I haven’t “got through” to a student or class.
4.    I really should be able to solve all my students’ problems perfectly.
5.    I should be able to succeed at all the important things I do at school.
6.    To make mistakes or perform poorly as a teacher is for me one of the worst things in the world.
7.    I feel totally hopeless when I don’t get all of my work done on time.
8.    I can’t stand being criticized or thought badly of when I haven’t finished something or done it properly.
Sub-Score: ____________
9.    I find it too hard to balance my home and work demands.
10.I shouldn’t have to work so hard.
11.Schools are really lousy places because they give teachers too much work and not enough time to do it.
12.It’s really bad to have to put in so many hours both inside and outside the classroom.
 Sub-Score: ____________
13. One thing I find totally bad is the lack of communication between teachers and central administration.
14.Teachers should be consulted about decisions.
15.Schools really should attend more to teachers’ problems and it is totally unfair when they don’t.
16.Without good teacher-administrator communication and support‚ schools are the very worst places to work.
17.I can’t stand it when I am not consulted about a decision that affects my teaching.
 Sub-Score: ____________
18.As a teacher‚ I should have the power to be able to make my students do what I want.
19.Students should always be respectful‚ considerate and behave well.
20.Students who constantly misbehave are horrible and should be severely punished.
21.I can’t stand it when students misbehave.
22.It’s really awful to have to teach in a class where there are so many problems.
 Sub-Score: ____________
Total Scale Score: ____________
Bora‚ Bernard‚ Trip‚ Decsei-Radu‚ Chereji. (2009)
1.    I must have constant approval from students‚ other teachers‚ administrators and parents.
2.    Events in my classroom should always go exactly the way I want them to.
3.    Schools should be fair.
4.    Students should not be frustrated.
5.    People who misbehave deserve severe punishment.
6.    There should be no discomfort or frustration at school.
7.    Teachers always need a great deal of help from others to solve school related problems.
8.    Those who don’t do well at school are worthless.
9.    Students with a history of academic or behavioural problems will always have problems.
10.Students or other teachers can make me feel bad.
11.I can’t stand to see children who have had unhappy home lives.
12.I must be in total control of my class at all times.
13.I must find the perfect solution to all problems.
14.When children have problems‚ it’s their parents’ fault.
15.I must be a perfect teacher and never make mistakes.
16.It’s easier to avoid problems at school than to face them.
Self-Downing Attitudes‚ Low Frustration Tolerance Attitudes‚ Attitudes to School Organization‚ and Authoritarian Attitudes toward Students
Low frustration toleranceself –downing and other demandingness
Strongly Disagree=1‚ Disagree=2‚ Neutral=3‚ Agree=4‚ Strongly Agree=5

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