Teacher Motivation and Job Satisfaction Survey

1.    What is your overall level of satisfaction with your job as a teacher?
Very Dissatisfied‚ Somewhat Dissatisfied‚ Somewhat Satisfied‚ Very Satisfies
2.    If you had the opportunity to start over in a new career‚ would you choose to become a teacher?
3.    Generally speaking‚ do you believe that the teachers with whom you work are motivated?
4.    How many teachers that you know or work with would you classify as unmotivated?
1-2‚ 3-4‚ 5-6‚ 7-8‚ 9-10‚ More than 10
5.    On the following 6-point scale‚ indicate the degree to which each of the following serve as a motivating factor or an unmotivating factor for teachers.
Highly unmotivating=1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 5‚ 6= Highly motivating
a.    recognition (e.g.‚ receiving praise from administrators‚ parents‚ students‚ or others)
b.    potential for professional growth (e.g.‚ possibility of improving one’s own professional skills)
c.    supervision by superiors (e.g.‚ overall competence of superiors)
d.    interpersonal relationships with colleagues (e.g.‚ interaction with other teachers)
e.    salary (e.g.‚ financial compensation)
f.     job security (e.g.‚ tenure)
g.    status (e.g.‚ professional status of teaching)
h.    interpersonal relationships with administrators (e.g.‚ interaction with administrators)
i.      sense of achievement (e.g.‚ experiencing success)
j.     working conditions (e.g.‚ building conditions‚ amount of work‚ facilities available)
k.    district policies (e.g.‚ overall effects of the district as an organization)
l.      teacher evaluation (e.g.‚ appraisal of classroom instruction by evaluator)
m. responsibility (e.g.‚ autonomy‚ authority and responsibility for own work)
n.    potential for advancement (e.g.‚ possibility of assuming different positions in the profession)
o.    work itself (e.g.‚ aspects associated with the tasks of teaching)
p.    factors in personal life (e.g.‚ effects of teaching on one’s personal life)
q.    interpersonal relationships with students (e.g.‚ interaction with students)
r.     sense of accountability (e.g.‚ being held directly responsible for student learning)
6.    On the following 6-point scale‚ indicate the degree to which each of the following items serve as a motivating factor or an unmotivating factor for teachers.
a.    a one-time monetary award (supplemental to the step increase)
b.    being se‎lected as ‘Teacher of the Year” in the district
c.    an instructional workshop offered by the district for a fee
d.    ha‎ving students thank a teacher for aiding in the understanding of a difficult concept
e.    an instructional workshop offered and paid for by the district
f.     being given the opportunity to participate in teacher projects (e.g.‚ research‚ curriculum development)
g.    early retirement/contract buy-out
h.    observing vast improvement in the achievement levels of one’s students since the beginning of the year
i.      being awarded a plaque by students
j.     being permitted to purchase additional equipment and supplies for the classroom
7.    What is your gender? Female‚ Male
8.    What is your ethnicity? African American‚ Asian American‚ Caucasian‚ Hispanic American‚ Other
9.    What is your age? 21-25‚ 26-30‚ 31-35‚ 36-40‚ 41-45‚ 46-50‚ 51-55‚ 56 years or older
10.Including the current school year‚ how many years of teaching experience do you have? 1-5‚ 6-10‚ 11-15‚ 16-20‚ 21-25‚ 26-30‚ 31-35‚ 36 year or more
11. Which best describes your current school setting? Urban‚ suburban‚ rural
12.Which best describes your current school level? Elementary school‚ Middle/junior school‚ High school
This instrument can be found at: http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED461649.pdf 

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