1-       It is important to me that others approve of me.

2-       I hate to fail at anything.

3-       People who do wrong deserve what they get.

4-       I usually accept what happens philosophically.

5-       If a person wants to‚ he can be happy under almost any circumstances.

6-       I have a fear of some things that often bothers me.

7-       I usually put off important decisions.

8-       Everyone needs someone he can depend on for help and advice.

9-       "A zebra cannot change his stripes".

10-    There is a right way to do everything.

11-    I like the respect of others‚ but I don't have to have it.

12-    I avoid things I cannot do well.

13-    Too many evil persons escape the punishment they deserve.

14-    Frustrations don't upset me.

15-   People are disturbed not by situations but by the view they take of them.

16-   I feel little anxiety over unexpected dangers or future events.

17-   I try to go ahead and get irksome tasks behind me when they come up.

18-   I try to consult an authority on important decisions.

19-   It is almost impossible to overcome the influences of the past.

20-   There is no perfect solution to anything.

21-   I want everyone to like me.

22-   I don't mind competing in activities where others are better than I.

23-   Those who do wrong deserve to be blamed.

24-   Things should be different from the way they are.

25-   I cause my own moods.

26-   I often can't get my mind off some concern.

27-   I avoid facing my problems.

28-   People need a source of strength outside themselves.

29-   Jus: because something once strongly affects your life doesn't mean it need do so in the future.

30-   There is seldom an easy way out of life's difficulties.

31-   I can like myself even when many others don't.

32-   I like to succeed at something but I don't feel I have to.

33-   Immorality should be strongly punished.

34-   I often get disturbed over situations I don't like.

35-   People who are miserable have usually made themselves that way.

36-   If I can't keep something from happening‚ I don’t worry about it.

37-   I usually make decisions promptly as I can.

38-   There are certain people that 1 depend on greatly'.

39-   People overvalue the influence of the past.

40-   Some problems will always be with us.

41-   If others dislike me‚ that’s their problem‚ not mine.

42-   It is highly important to me to be successful in everything I do.

43-   I seldom blame people for their wrong doings.

44-   I usually accept things the way they are‚ even if I don’t like them.

45-   A person won’t stay angry or blue long unless he keeps himself that way.

46-   I can't stand to take chances.

47-   Life is too short to spend it doing unpleasant tasks.

48-   I like to stand on my own two feet.

49-   If I had had different experiences I could be more like I want to be.

50-   Every problem has a correct solution.

51-   I find it hard to go against what others think.

52-   I enjoy activities for their own sake‚ no matter how good I am at them.

53-   The fear of punishment helps people be good.

54-   If things annoy me‚ I just ignore them.

55-   The more problems a person has‚ the less happy he will be.

56-   I am seldom anxious over the future.

57-   I seldom put things off.

58-   I am the only one who can really understand and face my problems.

59-   I seldom think of past experiences as affecting me now.

60-   We live in a world of chance and probability.

61-    Although I like approval‚ it’s not a real need for me.

62-   It bothers me when others are better than I am at something.

63-   Everyone is basically good.

64-   I do what I can to get what I want and then don’t worry about it.

65-   Nothing is upsetting in itself -‎- only in the way you interpret it.

66-   I worry a lot about certain things in the future.

67-   It is difficult for me to do unpleasant chores.

68-   I dislike for others to make my decisions for me.

69-   We are slaves to our personal histories.

70-   There is seldom an ideal solution to anything.

71-   I often worry about how much people approve of and accept me.

72-   It upsets me to make mistakes.

73-   It's unfair that "the rain falls on both the just and the unjust".

74-   I am fairly easygoing about life.

75-   More people should face up to the unpleasantness of life.

76-   Sometimes I can’t get a fear off my mind.

77-   A life of ease is seldom very rewarding.

78-   I find it easy to seek advice.

79-   Once something strongly affects your life‚ it always will.

80-   It is better to look for a practical solution than a perfect one.

81-   I have considerable concern with what people are feeling about me.

82-   I often become quite annoyed over little things.

83-   I usually give someone who has wronged me a second chance.

84-   I dislike responsibility.

85-   There is never any season to remain sorrowful for every long.

86-   I hardly ever think of such things as death or atomic war.

87-   People are happiest when they have challenges and problems to overcome.

88-   I dislike ha‎ving to depend on others.

89-   People never change basically.

90-   I feel I must handle things in the right way.

91-   It is annoying but not upsetting to be criticized.

92-   I’m not afraid to do things which I cannot do well.

93-   No one is evil‚ even though his deeds may be.

94-   I seldom become upset over the mistake of others.

95-   Man makes his own hell within himself.

96-   I often find myself planning what I would do different dangerous situation.

97-   If something is necessary‚ I do it even if it is unpleasant.

98-   I’ve learned not to expect someone else to be very concerned.

99-   I don’t look upon the past with any regrets.

100-            There is no such things as an ideal set of circumstances.