Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV)

Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV)
Gordon‚ 1960
·         To work on something difficult
·         To have well-defined goals or objectives
·         To keep my things neat and orderly
·         To be practical and efficient
·         To seek amusement or entertainment 
·         To continually improve my abilities 
·         To know exactly what I am trying to accomplish 
·         To look at things from a practical point of view 
·         To take direct action toward solving a problem 
·         To do new and different things 
·         To do things in an outstanding fashion 
·         To have a very definite objective to aim for
·         To keep my goals clearly in mind
·         To schedule my time in advance
·         To act with firm conviction
·         To come to decisions without delay
·         To get full use out of what I own 
·         To direct my efforts toward clear-cut objectives
·         To attain the highest standard in my work
·         To have a well-organized life
·         To be able to travel a great deal
·         To take proper care of my things 
·         To settle a problem quickly 
·         To be systematic in the things I do
·         To have new or unusual experiences 
·         To get full value for what I spend 
·         To have well-organized work habits
·         To do things I never did before 
·         To do more than is generally expected of me 
·         To know exactly what I am aiming for 
·         To hold firmly to my beliefs
·         To have a variety of experiences 
·         To finish something once started
·         To shop carefully for the things I buy 
·         To come to a definite decision on matters 
·         To keep things in their proper place
·         To be methodical in my work
·         To experience an element of danger 
·         To struggle with a complex problem
·         To have a challenging job to tackle 
·         To visit new and different places 
·         To have a definite goal toward which to work
·         To take good care of my property 
·         To stick firmly to my own opinions or beliefs
·         To plan my work out in advance
·         To have an objective in mind and work toward it
·         To do things that are highly profitable
·         To accomplish something important
·         To try out different things
·         To do things in an organized manner
·         To do an outstanding job in anything I try
·         To lead a well-ordered life
·         To be very careful with my possessions
·         To always come directly to the point
·         To go to strange or unusual places
·         To be systematic in my work
·         To stick with a problem until it is solved
·         To set the highest standard of accomplishment for myself
·         To have very specific aims or objectives 
·         To do things that are new and different
·         To keep my things in good condition
·         To devote all my energy toward accomplishing a goal
·         To make my position on matters very clear 
·         To take frequent trips
·         To do things according to a schedule 
·         To make decisions quickly 
·         To be very careful with my money
·         To be able to overcome any obstacle
·         To do things that are dangerous or exciting 
·         To have strong and firm convictions
·         To have well-defined purposes 
·         To always keep myself neat and clean 
·         To do things that will pay off
·         To be a very orderly person 
·         To take a definite stand on issues 
·         To experience the unusual
·         To always get my money’s worth 
·         To work on a difficult problem 
·         To have an important job to tackle 
·         To approach a problem directly 
·         To do things in a methodical manner
·         To know precisely where I am headed 
·         To strive to accomplish something significant 
·         To do things in a practical and efficient manner
·         To follow a systematic approach in doing things 
·         To come to a decision and stick to it 
·         To take very good care of what I own
·         To seek adventure
·         To have a definite course of action in mind
·         To be able to do things in a superior manner
1) support‚ 2) conformity‚ 3) recognition‚ 4) independence‚ 5) benevolence‚ 6) leadership
In this booklet are statements representing things that people consider to be important to their way of life. These statements are grouped into sets of three. This is what you are asked to do: Examine each set. Within each set‚ find the one statement of the three which represents what you consider to be most important to you. Blacken the space beside the statement in the column headed M (for most). Next‚ examine the remaining two statements in the set. Decide which one of the statements represents what you consider to be least important to you. Blacken the space beside that statement in the column headed L (for least).

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