Status-Concern Scale (SC)

1. The extent of a man's ambition to better himself is a pretty good indication of his ch‎aracter.
2. In order to merit the respect of others‚ a person should show the desire to better himself.
3. One of the things you should consider in choosing your friends is whether they can help you make your way in the world.
4. Ambition is the most important factor in determining success in life.
5. One should always try to live in a highly respectable residential area‚ even though it entails sacrifices.
6. Before joining any civic or political association‚ it is usually important to find out whether it has the backing of people who have achieved a respected social position.
7. Possession of proper social etiquette is usually the mark of a desirable person.
8. The raising of one's social position is one of the more important goals in life.
9. It is worth considerable effort to assure one's self of a good name with the right kind of people.
10. An ambitious person can almost always achieve his goals.
+3 (agreement) to -3 (disagreement).

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