Balanced F Scale

Balanced F Scale
Athanasiou‚ 1968
1. Many modern paintings have both beauty and purpose.
2. What our youth need most is strict discipline‚ rugged determination‚ and the will to work and fight for family and country.
3. The minds of today's youth are being hopelessly corrupted by the wrong kind of literature.
4. Most censorship of books or movies is a violation of free speech and should be abolished.
5. Science declines when it confines itself to the solution of immediate practical problems.
6. One of the best assurances for peace is for us to have the biggest bomb and not be afraid to use it.
7. Sex offenders should be treated with expert care and understanding rather than punishment.
8. One of the most important things for children to learn is when to question authority.
9. Human nature doesn't make war inevitable for man will someday establish a peaceful world.
10. What a youth needs most is the flexibility to work and fight for what he considers right personally even though it might not be best for his family and country.
11. It is only natural and right for each person to think that his family is better than any other.
12. Sex crimes‚ such as rape and attacks on children‚ deserve more than mere imprisonment; such criminals ought to be publicly whipped or worse.
13. Drunks and degenerates who end up in the gutter on skid row deserve their fate because of their lack of moral fibred.
14. There may be a few exceptions‚ but‚ in general‚ members of a racial group tend to be pretty much alike.
15. Poverty can be eliminated.
16. The poor will always be with us.
17. It usually helps the child in later years if he is forced to conform to his parents' ideas.
18. A sexual pervert is an insult to humanity and should be punished severely.
19. Strict discipline of children often interferes with the development of self-direction and personal responsibility.
20. Almost everyone has a t some time hated his parents.
21. The worst danger to real Americanism during the last fifty years has come from foreign ideas and agitators.
22. A child ought to be whipped a t once for any sassy remark.
23. I t would probably be best to discourage feeble-minded people from ha‎ving children.
24. Most homosexuals are hardly better than criminals and ought to be severely punished.
25. Army life is a good influence on most young men.
26. It is the duty of a citizen to criticize or censure his country whenever he considers it to be wrong.
27. Without the friendly cooperation of many other nations‚ the United States probably could not survive for very long.
28. As young people grow up they ought to try to carry out some of their rebellious ideas and not be content to get over them and settle down.
1= strongly disagree to 6 = strongly agree.

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