Rokeach Value Survey (RVS)

Rokeach Value Survey (RVS)
Rokeach 1969
Terminal Values
1.    A Comfortable Life                                _____
a prosperous life
2.    An Exciting Life                                      _____
a stimulating‚ active life
3.    A Sense of Accomplishment                    _____
a lasting contribution
4.    A World at Peace                                   _____
a world free of war and conflict
5.    A World of Beauty                                 _____
beauty of nature and the arts
6.    Equality                                               _____
brotherhood and equal opportunity for all
7.    Family Security                                      _____
taking care of loved ones
8.    Freedom                                              _____
independence and free choice
9.    Health                                                 _____
physical and mental well-being
10. Inner Harmony                                    _____
freedom from inner conflict
11.Mature Love                                         _____
sexual and spiritual intimacy
12.National Security                                   _____
protection from attack
13.Pleasure                                               _____
an enjoyable‚ leisurely life
14.Salvation                                              _____
saved; eternal life
15.Self-Respect                                         _____
16.Social Recognition                                  _____
respect and admiration
17.True Friendship                                     _____
close companionship
18.Wisdom                                               _____
a mature understanding of life
Instrumental Values
1.    Ambitious                                            _____
hardworking and aspiring
2.    Broad-minded                                       _____
3.    Capable                                               _____
competent; effective
4.    [Cheerful                                              _____
lighthearted‚ joyful]
5.    Clean                                                  _____
neat and tidy
6.    Courageous                                          _____
standing up for your beliefs
7.    Forgiving                                              _____
willing to pardon others
8.    Helpful                                                 _____
working for the welfare of others
9.    Honest                                                          _____
sincere and truthful
10.Imaginative                                          _____
daring and creative
11.Independent                                         _____
self-reliant; self-sufficient
12.Intellectual                                           _____
intelligent and reflective
13.Logical                                                _____
consistent; rational
14.Loving                                                 _____
affectionate and tender
faithful to friends or the group]
15.Obedient                                              _____
dutiful; respectful
16.Polite                                                  _____
courteous and well-mannered
17.Responsible                                          _____
dependable and reliable
18.Self-controlled                                       _____
restrained; self-disciplined
I believe it very much‚ I believe it quite a lot‚ I believe it slightly‚ I am indifferent to it‚ I disbelieve it slightly‚ I disbelieve it quite a lot‚ I disbelieve it very much

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