Multidimensional sense of humor scale (MSHS)

1.    Sometimes I think up jokes or funny stories
2.    Uses of wit or humor help me ma‎ster difficult situations
3.    I’m confident that I can make other people laugh
4.    I dislike comics*
5.    Other people tell me that I say funny things
6.    I can use wit to help adapt to many situations
7.    I can ease a tense situation by saying something funny
8.    People who tell jokes are a pain in the neck*
9.    I can often crack people up with the things I say
10.I like a good joke
11.Calling somebody a “comedian” is a real insult*
12.I can say things in such a way as to make people laugh
13.Humor is a lousy coping mechanism*
14.I appreciate those who generate humor
15.People look to me to say amusing things
16.Humor helps me cope
17.I’m uncomfortable when everyone is cracking jokes*
18.I’m regarded as something of a wit by my friends
19.Coping by using humor is an elegant way of adapting
20.Trying to ma‎ster situations through uses of humor is really dumb*
21.I can actually have some control over a gr‎oup ‎by using humor
22.Uses of humor help to put me at ease
23.I use humor to entertain my friends
24.My clever sayings amuse others
* reversed item
(1) humor creativity and uses of humor for social purposes‚ (2) uses of coping humor‚ (3) appreciation of humorous people‚ and (4) appreciation of humor.
0 = Strongly disagree; 1 = Disagree; 2 = Undecided; 3 = Agree; 4 = Strongly agree

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