Brief sense of community scale (BSCS)

Brief sense of community scale (BSCS)
Peterson et al‚ 2008
1.    I can get what I need in this neighborhood.
2.    This neighborhood helps me fulfill my needs.
3.    I feel like a member of this neighborhood.
4.    I belong in this neighborhood.
5.    I have a say about what goes on in my neighborhood.
6.    People in this neighborhood are good at influencing each other.
7.    I feel connected to this neighborhood.
8.    I have a good bond with others in this neighborhood.
Needs fulfillment‚ Group membership‚ Influence‚ and Emotional connection
5= Strongly Agree‚ 4= Somewhat Agree‚ 3= Neutral‚ 2= Somewhat Disagree‚ 1= Strongly Disagree
Needs fulfillment (1‚ 2)‚ Group membership (3‚ 4)‚ Influence (5‚ 6)‚ and Emotional connection (7‚ 8)
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