Physical Appearance Comparison Scale (PACS)

1. At parties or other social events‚ I compare my physical appearance to the physical appearance of others.  
2. The best way for a person to know if they are overweight or underweight is to compare their figure to the figure of others.
3. At parties or other social events‚ I compare how I am dressed to how other people are dressed.              
*4. Comparing your "looks" to the "looks" of others is a bad way to determine if you are attractive or unattractive.
5. In social situations‚ I sometimes compare my figure to the figures of other people.                                     * Reverse-scored
Never=1‚ Seldom=2‚ Sometimes=3‚ Often=4‚ Always=5
For a copy of this measure contact:
J. Kevin Thompson‚ Ph.D
Department of Psychology
University of South Florida
4202 Fowler Ave
Tampa‚ FL 33620-8200

Thompson‚ J. Kevin; Heinberg‚ Leslie J.; Altabe‚ Madeline; Tantleff-Dunn‚ Stacey. 1999. Exacting beauty: Theoryassessment‚ and treatment of body image disturbance.American Psychological Association. (1999). xii 396 pp

Schaefer‚ Lauren M.‚ "The Development and Validation of the Physical Appearance Comparison Scale-Revised (PACS-R)" (2013). Graduate Theses and Dissertations.