[PASTAS) — State Version & Trait Version
Right now‚ I feel anxious‚ tense‚ or nervous about:
1.          The extent to which I look overweight.
2.          My thighs.
3.          My buttocks.
4.          My hips.
5.          My stomach (abdomen).
6.          My legs.
7.          My waist.
8.          My muscle tone.
9.          My ears.
10.        My lips.
11.        My wrists.
12.        My hands.
13.        My forehead.
14.        My neck.
15.        My chin.
16.        My feet.
Never=1‚ Seldom=2‚ Sometimes=3‚ Often=4‚ Always=5
Not at All=0‚ Slightly=1‚ Moderately=2‚ Very Much So=3‚ Exceptionally So=4
For a copy of this measure contact:
J. Kevin Thompson‚ Ph.D
Department of Psychology
University of South Florida
4202 Fowler Ave
Tampa‚ FL 33620-8200

Reed‚ David L.; Thompson‚ J. Kevin; Brannick‚ Michael T.; Sacco‚ William P. 1991. Development and validation of the Physical Appearance State and Trait Anxiety Scale (PASTAS). Journal of Anxiety Disorders‚ Vol 5(4)‚ 323-332