The following items refer to experiences that make you feel bad about your body.
 1.      Someone suggested a gym to work out in.
2.      Someone asked if you’ve gained some weight.
3.      Someone suggested that you should dress differently.
4.      Someone made some facial expression when looking at your body.
5.      Someone watched closely what you ate.
6.      Someone suggested a new diet that’s available.
7.      Someone called you “fatso” (or something similar).
8.      Someone did not offer you dessert.
9.      Someone said‚ “You look like you’ve lost weight.”
10.    Someone whistled at you.
11.    Someone commented on your outfit.
12.    Someone grabbed your rear end.
13.    Someone said. “Something about you looks different‚ but I can’t figure out what it is.”
14.    Someone asked if you were younger or older than you were.
15.    Someone asked if you’ve been dieting.
16.    Someone suggested in a clothing store that you were a larger/smaller size than you were.
17.    Someone grabbed your waist.
18.    Someone gave you the “once over glance.”
19.    Someone asked if you’ve been exercising lately.
20.    Someone suggest you should eat more.
21.    Someone called you “bones‚” “slim‚” or something similar.
22.    Someone asked you how much you weigh.
23.    Someone avoided looking at you while you were undressed.
24.    Someone never said anything good or bad about your body.
25.    Someone watched what food you purchased at the store.
26.    Someone focused comments on non-weight related areas (i.e.‚ hair‚ eyes).
Never=1‚ Seldom=2‚ Sometimes=3‚ Often=4‚ Always=5

Tantleff-Dunn‚ S.‚ Thompson‚ J.K.‚ & Dunn‚ M.E. (1995). The Feedback on Physical Appearance Scale (FOPAS): Questionnaire development and psychometric evaluation. Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention‚ 3‚ 332-341.

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