McClosky and Schaar’s Anomy Scale

McClosky and Schaar’s Anomy Scale
McClosky and Schaar‚ 1965
1.    With everything so uncertain these days‚ it almost seems as though any could happen.
2.    What is lacking in the world today is the old kind of friendship that lasted for a lifetime.
3.    With everything in such a state of disorder‚ it’s hard for a person to know where he stands from one day to the next.
4.    Every changes so quickly these days that I often have trouble deciding which are the right rules to follow.
5.    I often feel that many things our parents stood for are just going to ruin before our very eyes.
6.    The trouble with the world today is that most people really don’t believe in anything.
7.    I often feel awkward and out of place.
8.    People were better off in the old days when everyone knew just how he was expected to act.
9.    It seems to me that other people find it easier to decide what is right than I do.
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