Job Embeddedness

Fit‚ community
1. I really love the place where I live.
2. I like the family-oriented environment of my community.
3. The community I live in is a good match for me.
4. I think of the community where I live as home.
5. The area where I live offers the leisure activities that I like (e.g. sports‚ outdoors‚ cultural‚ arts).
Fit‚ organization
1. My job utilizes my skills and talents well.
2. I feel like I am a good match for this organization.
3. I feel personally valued by (name of the organization).
4. I like my work schedule (e.g. flextime‚ shift).
5. I fit with my organization’s culture.
6. I like the authority and responsibility I have at this company.
Sacrifice‚ community
1. Leaving this community would be very hard.
2. People respect me a lot in my community.
3. My neighborhood is safe.
Sacrifice‚ organization
1. I have a lot of freedom on this job to decide how to pursue my goals.
2. The perks on this job are outstanding.
3. I feel that people at work respect me a great deal.
4. I would incur very few costs if I left this organization. (reverse)
5. I would sacrifice a lot if I left this job.
6. My promotional opportunities are excellent here.
7. I am well compensated for my level of performance.
8. The benefits are good on this job.
9. I believe the prospects for continuing employment with this company are excellent.
Links‚ community
1. Are you currently married?
2. If you are married‚ does your spouse or significant other work outside the home?
3. Do you own the home you live in?
4. Are your family roots in the community where you live?
5. How many children under the age of eighteen years of age live either with you or with you and your husband or wife? (revised)
6. How many of your relatives (Mother‚ father‚ brother‚ sisters‚ adult sons‚ and adult daughters) live within 50 miles from where you live? (Exclude the children included in Item 5) (revised)
Links‚ organization
1. How long have you been in your current position at your current organization?
______ months ______years (revised)
2. Is your present position full-time‚ part-time‚ or contracted? _________ (revised)
2. How long have you worked for your current organization? ______ months ______years
3. How many total years of experience do you have in your present occupation‚ including current and past jobs? (revised)
_________ year(s)
4. How many coworkers do you interact with regularly? __________
5. How many coworkers are highly dependent on you? ___________
6. How many work teams are you on? _________
7. How many work committees are you on? ________
This instrument can be found on pages 272-274 of CORE SELF-EVALUATIONS AND JOB SATISFACTION: THE ROLE OFORGANIZATIONAL AND COMMUNITY EMBEDDEDNESS‚ available online at:‚_Jennifer_D__Dissertation_VT_120207.pdf
1= Strongly Disagree‚ 2=Disagree‚ 3=Neutral‚ 4=Agree Strongly‚ 5=Agree

Mitchell‚ T.R.‚ Holtom‚ B.C.‚ Lee‚ T.W.‚ Sablynski‚ C.J.‚ & Erez‚ M. (2001). Why people stay: Using job embeddedness to predict voluntary turnover. Academy of Management Journal‚ 44‚ 1102-1121.

Oyler‚_Jennifer_DCORE SELF-EVALUATIONS AND JOB SATISFACTION: THE ROLE OFORGANIZATIONAL AND COMMUNITY EMBEDDEDNESS. Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in MANAGEMENT