Individualism and Collectivism Scale (INDCOL)

Individualism and Collectivism Scale (INDCOL)
Singelis‚ 1994 & Singelis et al‚ 1995
Horizontal Individualism
1.    I prefer to be direct and forthright when I talk with people
2.    One should live one’s life independently of others
3.    I often do my own thing
4.    I am a unique individual
5.    I like my privacy
6.    When I succeeded‚ it is usually because of my abilities
7.    What happens to me is my own doing
8.    I enjoy being unique and different from the others in many ways
Vertical Individualism
1.    Winning is everything
2.    It annoys me when others people perform better than I do
3.    It is important for me that I do my job better than the others
4.    I enjoy working in situations involving competition with others
5.    Competition is law of nature
6.    When another person does better than I do‚ I get tense and aroused
7.    Without competition it is impossible to have a good society
8.    Some people emphasize winning; I am not one of them (reverse)
Horizontal Collectivism
1.    My happiness depends very much on the happiness of those around me
2.    I like sharing little things with my neighbors
3.    The wellbeing of my coworkers is important to me
4.    It is important for me to maintain harmony within my group
5.    If a relative were in financial difficulty‚ I would help within my means
6.    If a co-worker gets a price (prize) I would feel proud
7.    To me pleasure is spending time with others
8.    I feel good when I cooperate with others
9.    *I think cooperation in workplace is more important than competition
10.*I think it is important everyone has equal access to healthcare
Vertical Collectivism
1.    I would do what would please my family
2.    I usually sacrifice my self-interest for the benefit of my group
3.    We should keep our aging parents with us at home
4.    Children should feel honored if their parents receive a distinguished award
5.    Children should be taught to place duty before pleasure
6.    I would sacrifice an activity that I enjoy very much if my family did not approve of it
7.    I hate to disagree with others in my group
8.    Before making a major trip‚ I consult with most members of my family and many friends
Vertical Collectivism – seeing the self as a part of a collective and being willing to accept hierarchy and inequality within that collective
Vertical Individualism – seeing the self as fully autonomous‚ but recognizing that inequality will exist among individuals and that accepting this inequality.
Horizontal Collectivism –seeing the self as part of a collective but perceiving all the members of that collective as equal.
Horizontal Individualism –seeing the self as fully autonomous‚ and believing that equality between individuals is the ideal.
HI (Alpha 0.67)‚ VI (Alpha 0.74)‚ HC (Alpha 0.74)‚ VC (Alpha 0.68)
1 = never or definitely no and 9 = always

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