English Self-Confidence Scale

1. I believe that I am capable of reading and understanding most texts in English. 
2. I feel that I can understand someone speaking English quite well. .
3. I know enough English to be able to write comfortably.
4. I believe that I know enough English to speak correctly. 
5. I am confident in my ability to write English correctly.
6. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable speaking in English because of my accent.
7. I believe that my knowledge of English allows me to cope with most situations where I have to use English.
8. When I need to make a telephone call in English‚ most of the time I am confident that I can do. 
9. Every time that I meet an English speaking person and I speak with him/her in English‚ I feel easy and confident.
10. In a restaurant‚ I feel confident when I have to order a meal in English. 
11. I feel confident and relaxed when I have to ask for directions in English. 
12. I feel comfortable when I speak English among friends where there are people who speak English.
1= Strongly disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Agree; 5 = Strongly agree

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