Self-construal Scale

1. ha‎ving a lively imagination is important to me. 
2. I often have the feeling that my relationships with others are more important than my own accomplishments.
3. I’d rather say “No” directly‚ than risk being misunderstood. 
4. It is important for me to have a considerable degree of social life.
5. I enjoy being unique and different from others in many aspects. 
6. The security of being an accepted member of a group is very important to me. 
7. I expect myself to be a competitive person in my academic field. 
8. I am careful to maintain harmony in my group. 
9. Being able to take care of myself is a primary concern for me.
10. When I think of myself‚ I often think of my friends or my family.
11. I prefer to be direct and forthright when dealing with people I’ve just met.
12. I like to share little things with my friends.
13. I enjoy being admired for my unique qualities.
14. It is important for me to have a sense of belonging in my academic department.
15. I tend to compete with others when I’m involved with a group project.
16. When I’m with my group‚ I watch my words so I won’t offend anyone.
17. I prefer to be self-reliant rather than dependent upon others.
18. My relationships with others are important to my sense of what kind of person I am. 
19. Speaking up during a class is not a problem for me.
20. I always make efforts to interact with others properly. 
21. ha‎ving my personal identity independent of others is very important to me. 
22. I want to belong to a certain group or organization. 
23. I always do my best when I compete with others.
24. I have respect for the authority figures with whom I interact.
25. Whenever I set a goal for myself‚ I usually highly focus on it and do my best to achieve the goal.
26. It is important for me to feel connected to my campus life. 
27. I always state my opinions very clearly. 
28. I make efforts to enhance my social skills. 
29. It is important for me to keep my uniqueness when I am in group. 
30. I enjoy being a part of a group or organization.
31. It is important to me that I perform better than others on a task.
32. It is important for me to respect decisions made by the group.
33. It is important to me that I have autonomy over my own life.
34. Most of the time I enjoy engaging in group activities than solitary activities. 
35. I usually express my thoughts directly when I communicate with others.
36. I seriously take my parents’ advice into consideration when making important life decisions.
37. I voice my own opinion in group discussions.
38. I will stay in a group if they need me‚ even when I’m not happy with the group.
Four sub-dimensions for independent self-construal (i.e.‚ autonomy‚ direct communication‚ uniqueness‚ and competition) and four sub-dimensions for interdependent self-construal (i.e.‚ relatedness‚ sociability‚ belonging‚ and harmony & conformity).
1 = strongly disagree; 2 = disagree; 3 = Neutral; 4 = agree; 5 = strongly agree

Wang‚ Wei-hsuan. (2009). Chinese international students’ cross-cultural adjustment in the U.S.: the roles of acculturation strategies‚ self-construals‚ perceived cultural distance‚ and English self-confidence. University of Texas at Austin. PhD Dissertation.