Health Perceptions Questionnaire (HPQ)

A. According to the doctors I’ve seen‚ my health is now excellent
B. I try to avoid letting illness interfere with my life
C. I seem to get sick a little easier than other people
D. I feel better now than I ever have before
E. I will probably be sick a lot in the future
F. I never worry about my health
G. Most people get sick a little easier than I do
H. I don’t like to go to the doctor
I. I am somewhat ill
J. In the future‚ I expect to have better health than other people I know
K. I was so sick once I thought I might die
L. I’m not as healthy now as used to be
M. I worry about my health more than other people worry about their health
N. When I’m sick‚ I try to just keep going as usual
O. My body seems to resist illness very well
P. Getting sick once in a while is a part of my life
Q. I’m as healthy as anybody I know
R. I think my health will be worse in the future than it is now
S. I’ve never had an illness that lasted a long period of time
T. Others seem more concerned about their health than I am about mine
U. When I’m sick‚ I try to keep it to myself
V. My health is excellent
W. I expect to have a very healthy life
X. My health is a concern to my life
Y. I accept that sometimes I’m just going to be sick
Z. I have been feeling bad lately
AA. It doesn’t bother me to go to a doctor
BB. I have never been seriously ill
CC. When there is something going around‚ I usually catch it
DD. Doctors say that I am now in poor health
EE. When I think I am getting sick‚ I fight it
FF. I feel about as good now as I ever have
During the past 3 months‚ how much has your health worried or concerned you? (circle one)
A great deal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Somewhat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
A little . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Not at all . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Current Health; Prior Health; Health Outlook; Resistance to Illness; Health Worry/Concern; Sickness Orientation.
Subscale labels (alpha N= 1790‚ 4700‚ 1200)
 Current health (0.91; 0.88; 0.58)
Current health (NA; 0.81; NA)
Prior health (0.73; 0.65; 0.67)
Health outlook (0.75; 0.73; 0.59)
Resistance to illness (0.71; 0.70; 0.65)
Health worry/concern (0.60; 0.64; 0.50)
Sickness orientation (0.59; 0.53; 0.55)
General Health Rating Index (NA; 0.89; 0.67)
Definitely true (5)‚ Mostly true (4)‚ Don’t know (3)‚ Mostly false (2)‚ Definitely false (1)
Reverse the scores on items C‚ E‚ F‚ I‚ K‚ L‚ R‚ T‚ Z‚ CC‚ DD
Current health (nine items A‚ D‚ I‚ L‚ Q‚ V‚ Z‚ DD and FF)‚ prior health (three items K‚ S and BB)‚ health outlook (four items E‚ J‚ R and w)‚resistance to illness (four items C‚ G‚ O and CC)‚ healthworry/concern (four items F‚ M‚ T and X)‚ and sickness orientation(two items P and Y).
Rejection of Sick Role (items B‚ N‚ U and EE)‚ Attitude Toward Going to the Doctor (H and AA)
General Health Rating Index (GHRI)‚ (22 items A‚ C‚ D‚ E‚ F‚ G‚ I‚ J‚ K‚ L‚ M‚ O‚ Q‚ R‚ S‚ V‚ W‚ Z‚ BB‚ CC‚ DD and FF)
Transformed score = [(Actual raw score − Lowest possible raw score)/ (Highest possible raw score) − Lowest possible raw score)]× 100

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