General Well-Being Schedule (GWB)

1. How have you been feeling in general?
(1)In excellent spirits
(2)In very good spirits
(3)In good spirits mostly
(4)I have been up and down in spirits a lot
(5)In low spirits mostly
(6)In very low spirits
2. Have you been bothered by nervousness or your “nerves”?
(1) Extremely so—to the point where I could not work or take care of things
(2) Very much so
(3) Quite a bit
(4) Some—enough to bother me
(5) A little
(6) Not at all
3. Have you been in firm control of your behavior‚ thoughts‚ emotions‚ OR feelings?
(1)Yes‚ definitely so
(2)Yes‚ for the most part
(3)Generally so
(4)Not too well
(5)No‚ and I am somewhat disturbed
(6)No‚ and I am very disturbed
4. Have you felt so sad‚ discouraged‚ hopeless‚ or had so many problems that you wondered if anything was worthwhile?
(1)Extremely so—to the point that I have just about given up
(2)Very much so
(3)Quite a bit
(4)Some—enough to bother me
(5)A little bit
(6)Not at all
5. Have you been under or felt you were under any strain‚ stress‚ or pressure?
(1)Yes—almost more than I could bear or stand
(2)Yes—quite a bit of pressure
(3)Yes—some‚ more than usual
(4)Yes—some‚ but about usual
(5)Yes—a little
(6)Not at all
6. How happy‚ satisfied‚ or pleased have you been with your personal life?
Extremely happy—could not have been more satisfied or pleased
(1)Very happy
(2)Fairly happy
(4)Somewhat dissatisfied
(5)Very dissatisfied
7. Have you had any reason to wonder if you were losing your mind‚ or losing control over the way you act‚ talk‚ think‚ feel‚ or of your memory?
(1)Not at all
(2)Only a little
(3)Some—but not enough to be concerned or worried about
(4)Some and I have been a little concerned
(5)Some and I am quite concerned
(6)Yes‚ very much so and I am very concerned
8. Have you been anxious‚ worried‚ or upset?
(1)Extremely so—to the point of being sick or almost sick
(2)Very much so
(3)Quite a bit
(4)Some—enough to bother me
(5)A little bit
(6)Not at all
9. Have you been waking up fresh and rested?
(1)Every day
(2)Most every day
(3)Fairly often
(4)Less than half the time
(6)None of the time
10. Have you been bothered by any illness‚ bodily disorder‚ pains‚ or fears about your health?
(1)All the time
(2)Most of the time
(3)A good bit of the time
(4)Some of the time
(5)A little of the time
(6)None of the time
11. Has your daily life been full of things that were interesting to you?
(1)All the time
(2)Most of the time
(3)A good bit of the time
(4)Some of the time
(5)A little of the time
(6)None of the time
12. Have you felt down-hearted and blue?
(1)All the time
(2)Most of the time
(3)A good bit of the time
(4)Some of the time
(5)A little of the time
(6)None of the time
13. Have you been feeling emotionally stable and sure of yourself?
(1)All the time
(2)Most of the time
(3)A good bit of the time
(4)Some of the time
(5)A little of the time
(6)None of the time
14. Have you felt tired‚ worn out‚ used-up‚ or exhausted?
(1)All the time
(2)Most of the time
(3)A good bit of the time
(4)Some of the time
(5)A little of the time
(6)None of the time
For each of the four scales below‚ note that the words at each end of the 0 to 10 scale describe opposite feelings. Circle any number along the bar which seems closest to how you have generally felt DURING THE PAST MONTH
15. How concerned or worried about your HEALTH have you been?
Not concerned at all 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very concerned
16. How RELAXED or TENSE have you been?
Very relaxed 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very tense
17. How much ENERGY‚ PEP‚ VITALITY have you felt?
No energy AT ALL‚ listless 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very ENERGETIC‚ dynamic
18. How DEPRESSED or CHEERFUL have you been?
Very depressed 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very cheerful
19. Have you had severe enough personal‚ emotional‚ behavior‚ or mental problems that you felt you needed help? THE PAST YEAR?
(1)Yes‚ and I did seek professional help
(2)Yes‚ but I did not seek professional help
(3)I have had (or have now) severe personal problems‚ but have not felt I needed professional help
(4)I have had very few personal problems of any serious concern
(5)I have not been bothered at all by personal problems during the past year
20. Have you ever felt that you were going to have‚ or were close to ha‎ving‚ a nervous breakdowns?
(1)yes -‎- during the past year
(2)Yes -‎- more than a year ago
21. Have you ever had a nervous breakdown?
(1)Yes -‎- during the past year
(2)Yes -‎- more than a year ago
22. Have you ever been a patient (or outpatient) at a mental hospital‚ a mental health ward of a hospital‚ or o mental health clinic‚ for any personal‚ emotional‚ behavior‚ or mental problem?
(1)Yes -‎- during the past year
(2)Yes-‎- more than a year ago
23. Have you ever seen a psychiatrist‚ psychologist or psychoanalyst about any personal‚ emotional‚ behavior‚ or mental problem concerning yourself?
(1)Yes -‎- during the past year
(2)Yes -‎- more than a year ago
24. Have you talked with or had any connection with any of the following about some personal‚ emotional‚ behavior‚ mental problem‚ worries‚ or “nerves” CONCERNING YOURSELF DURING THE PAST YEAR?
a.    Regular medical doctor (except for definite physical conditions or routine check-ups) (1) Yes‚ (2) No
b.    Brain or nerve specialist (1) Yes‚ (2) No
c.    Nurse (except for routine medical conditions) (1) Yes‚ (2) No
d.    Lawyer (except for routine legal services) (1) Yes‚ (2) No
e.    Police (except for simple traffic violations)  (1) Yes‚ (2) No
f.     Clergyman‚ minister‚ priest‚ rabbi‚ etc (1) Yes‚ (2) No
g.    Marriage Counselor (1) Yes‚ (2) No
h.    Social Worker (1) Yes‚ (2) No
i.      Other formal assistance (1) Yes– What kind? -‎–‎–‎–‚ (2) No
25. Do you discuss your problems with any members of your family or friends?
(1)Yes – and it helps a lot
(2)Yes – and it helps some.
(3)Yes – but it does not help at all
(4)No – I do not have anyone I can talk with about my problems
(5)No – no one cares to hear about my problems
(6)No – I do not care to talk about my problems with anyone
(7)No – I do not have any problems
1.    Good spirits
2.    Nervousness
3.    Firm control of behavior‚ emotions
4.    Sad‚ discouraged‚ hopeless
5.    Stress‚ strain‚ pressure
6.    Happy‚ satisfied with life
7.    Afraid losing mind‚ or loss of control
8.    Anxious‚ worried‚ upset
9.    Waking fresh‚ rested
10.Bothered by bodily disorders
11.Interesting daily life
12.Downhearted‚ blue
13.Emotionally stable‚ sure of self
14.Feeling tired‚ worn-out
15.Health concern‚ worry
17.Energy level
19.Psychologic Problems
20.felt near nervous breakdown
21.Had nervous breakdown
22.Clinical patient
23.Psychologic attn.
24.Other contacts reflecting psych‚ problems:
a.    Regular M.D.
b.    Brain nerve spec
c.    Nurse
d.    lawyer
e.    Police
f.     Clergy
g.    Marriage Counselor
h.    Social Worker
i.      Other formal contact
25. Social emotional Support
Yes-helps a lot
Yes – helps some
Yes-but no help
No -have no one
No- no one cars
No-do not car to talk
No-do not have problems
Items 1‚ 3‚ 6‚ 7‚ 9‚ 11‚ 15‚ and 16 is reversed
Sub score Labels and Question Topics:
Anxiety (2. Nervousness; 5. strain‚ stress‚ or pressure; 8. anxious‚ worried‚ upset; 16. relaxed‚ tense)
Depression (4. sad‚ discouraged‚ hopeless; 12. down-hearted‚ blue; 18. Depressed)
Positive well-being (1. feeling in general; 6. happy‚ satisfied with life; 11. interesting daily life)
Self-control (3. firm control of behavior‚ emotions; 7. afraid losing mind‚ or losing control; 13. emotionally stable‚ sure of self)
Vitality (9. waking fresh‚ rested; 14. feeling tired‚ worn out; 17. energy level)
General health (10. bothered by illness; 15. concerned‚ worried about Health)

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